Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

AIM now sucks more.

If you normally use this, you should probably switch to this, with this plugin installed. Why?

Because of this.

Way to treat your users like garbage, AOL…


  1. Lisa

    Or you could use Trillian with SecureIM enabled, no?

  2. GreyDuck

    Or use Direct Connection when possible, yes. Mind you, I can’t stand Trillian. I was thrilled when Gaim became stable enough for every-day use, ’cause then I could drop that clunky, gawdy, crash-prone thing. *shrug* YMMV, as always.

    Of course, the other option is just not to use AIM for chat and stick to Yahoo/Jabber/etc.

  3. ayagi

    Create something new and exciting. Then sit back and wait for AOL to sue you for your own new ideas 😀

    Trillian’s been good to me. Been a solid user since the 0.6x days. It’s the only software package I’ve paid money to. ^_^

  4. Kylanath

    Hee hee… you need to reveal yourself to me dear lady, it squcks me out trying to randomly ping invisible people not knowing if they’re really there or not.

  5. GreyDuck

    It’s been a long time since I played with the “invisible” mode… usually, I just set “don’t allow IMs from people not on my list,” and stay visible. If someone IMs me while I’m busy, I say “Sorry, can’t chat, I’m busy.” And if I’m away, well, that’s usually pretty obvious. Maybe I’m just weird, though. *grin*

  6. Pero

    You Have the Right to Remain Silent

    Some cell phone service providers will also keep your text messages. They claim that they are property of their company and they reserve the right to use them against you in court in the event that they are subpoenaed.

    I assume AIM / AOL / Time-Warner has the same set of propery rules.

  7. Lilith

    I’ll stick with Yahoo IM. As long as I turn all the extras off (no, I *don’t* want to be notified of stocks, news, or when I get new Yahoo email!), I like it lots. I really like the fact that I can sign on invisible & then reveal myself only to select people on my list. I’m sneaky that way. *grin*

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