Mar 20

For Tea, Too

Two things happened a couple weeks ago.

One, I finished That Story Thing. On time, without missing a scheduled installment. That’s two projects I’ve completed (along with That Webcomic Thing) for which I maintained a reliable update schedule. I’m good for something, anyway: Keeping to a schedule. (Not necessarily “creating something worth taking the time to read,” apparently. C’est la vie.)

Two, I clocked another year on this planet. We celebrated this momentous event via the receiving of books as presents from both romantic partners. Can’t complain, there. Mmmm, books.

Other than that… not much going on, here. I’m in limbo, creative-wise. Got my taxes done. Bought some clothes and shoes. Been reading, of course. Playing old games like Age of Empires II and Titan Quest and such. You know. Puttering.

Now I need to figure out what I’m doing next.

Feb 26

Good day. Sunshine.

It may be chilly out there in late February but hey, sometimes we get quite the view…


Not bad. Not bad at all.

Feb 24

Laugh, Damn You

I don’t bring much to the table. I accept this, most days. My looks, unremarkable. My storytelling, awkward. My strength, nil.

Several times per day, however, I can make someone laugh. That skill is one of the things which keep me going. Over the years I’ve honed a talent for responding with a suitable (if possibly off-kilter) quip for a variety of straight lines and situations. I even have some talent at gauging the audience; there’s no point in wasting my time and jabbing their sensibilities dropping a Yakitate Japan “Kurawa-san” joke on someone who can’t stand anime, after all.

And then came Twitter.

On the one hand? One hundred forty characters is near-perfect bon mot length. If you can’t fit the joke into Twitter’s constraints, Twitter is the wrong medium for the joke. You can inject humor into any conversation to which you’re even merely a bystander. If you do well, you earn RTs and Faves and LOLs and such-forth. Validation, ho!

On the other? Millions of folks chat on Twitter, a great many of whom fancy themselves quite the wit. It is so, so easy to wear out a joke by the time you’ve finished typing it. Sure, it’s funny to you, but the recipient may well get three dozen variations on the same punch line. In short: The obvious joke is, more and more often nowadays, the wrong joke. What works in your living room or around the water cooler may be withered and unwelcome, online.

So I’ve been challenging myself lately to think outside the easy one-liners and programmed responses. This can only elevate the general quality of my comedy, on-line and off-line, am I right?

Yes… as the late, great, George Carlin once said: “These are the thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools.”

Jan 30

Welcome To 2014

So. Huh. Been a month or so, hasn’t it?

It’s not like I’ve had much to write home about, as it were. You don’t want to hear about the nasty head cold this past week or so. The details of my love life aren’t generally for public consumption. My kids are off doing their own thing now. Things are crazy at work but I try not to write about work much here because man, I spend all day at work anyway, I sure don’t want to think about work during my downtime.

Creatively, I’m still posting the story installments. Soon I’ll be forced to write the last few installments… which will be tricky given that I’m not 100% certain how I’m going to end the thing. Challenges!

After that I’m going to do something more visual, either getting into time lapse, or stop motion animation, or perhaps just trying my hand at another AMV. Who knows?

I’m not sure what that leaves me to write about. It’s not as if I go on adventures. (Maybe I should fix that…)

Dec 13

The First Real Installment

On Tuesday I posted the first installment of The Critter Conundrum, which is a nice foot-in-the-door moment but there are only a few hundred words in that prologue and not much to get excited about.

Today? You get the first and (currently) biggest real installment, where we meet Charlie and get reacquainted with Andrew (this version of him, anyway) and so on. Action! Snarky dialog! That sort of thing!

I still really love this one, even a month or so after I wrote it. This is wildly out of character for me, by the way: Usually, once I write something and gain more than a few hours’ temporal distance from it, I can’t stand to even think about it ever again. This? I’m delighted with it. Truly.

Now, Tuesday’s upcoming installment… that’s where I’ll either lock in my readership or lose everyone forever. I honestly don’t know. Were I prone to biting my nails, I’d be doing so…

Dec 10

The Critter Conundrum

Starting today and running for thirteen weeks, Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am Pacific Time, provided nothing goes horribly awry during the following three months, you may read installments of The Critter Conundrum, my NaNoWriMo-fueled serialized story project, over at the new Stories site.

Share and enjoy, won’t you?

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