Dec 31

Accentuate The Positive

I exercised more, and I ate junk food a lot less, thus I became a bit healthier.

I even lost a few pounds, and a few inches around the waistline.

I won not one but two raises (with additional responsibilities, mind you) at my job.

I maintained the most important relationships in my life.

I kept the drama levels low.

I completed a public writing project.

I feel like, even though 2014 wasn’t very good to very many people, I did the best I could this calendar year.

I have no regrets going into 2015.

Dec 02

Ablative Pay Increase

Ablative Pay Increase: The raise you receive at just about the same time as costs go up in every other part of your life, such that you actually end up taking home less money every month but hey, it could’ve been worse, right?

Nov 25

Dreamer Denied

Here’s a new one on me: I spent a night of dreams romantically pursuing someone. Nope, no idea who, seems to be someone made up out of whole cloth by my dreaming brain. It certainly doesn’t correlate in the slightest to anyone I know. (Everyone may now breathe a sigh of relief!) Also, it was purely romantic, all those goopy gushy puppy-dog-eyes feelings. The frustrating part, though, was how things would seem to be going well and then, at some crucial moment, I’d jump into my mouth with both feet and make a mess of things with the dream-person.

Yeah, how would you like to experience that, over and over in the span of a few hours?

That’s not the entirety of the dreaming, mind you. There was also something to do with a book-and-music store with hidden treasures, some kind of festival, and other interesting scenarios for which the details have already mostly faded. Those parts were nice. But they’re not the parts which are sticking with me now that I’m awake. Go figure.

What do you expect from pizza dreams, eh?

Nov 06

The Rainbow Cone Action

This morning, taking the Sunset Highway from Portland through Beaverton out to Hillsboro, I was treated to a full double rainbow on account of the clear sunrise behind me and a vigorous rain squall in my path. I noticed something as the rainbow “moved” along with the car: It seemed to exist at a distance but also pass in front of objects. That’s when I realized something I probably should have picked up a long time ago.

I always think of a rainbow as a structure which exists as a flat band “over there” somewhere, but in fact any bunch of raindrops at the correct angle from my eyes can be part of that particular illusion. It is, in fact, built by a cone (or section of a cone) in which there’s sufficient water vapor and/or raindrops.

In other words, with apologies to Jim Henson: One day I found it, the rainbow cone action.

Oct 06

Why I Left WildStar

I canceled my WildStar subscription this morning. Admittedly, most of the reason for this comes down to finances: It’s a tough time of the year, this month’s tighter than most, and so forth. Fifteen bucks for a game I rarely play is fifteen bucks I could put toward… food, let’s say.

To be fair, WildStar is a great MMORPG-type game. It’s inventive, it’s colorful, it’s clever. It features the best housing system I’ve ever seen in a game. I love the “telegraph” feature, which lets you know exactly where a given power is going to strike. (Those of us who cut our MMO teeth in City of Heroes know the pain of having to guess where that cone AoE is going to land.) The worldbuilding detail is incredible.

However, what a lot of people love about the game is what I don’t love at all: WildStar is MMO gaming on Hard Mode.

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Sep 18

Smells Terrible

In another in our impromptu series of posts detailing ways in which I’m broken, let me tell you about last night’s trip to the mall with Kyla. We went to a particular store looking for a birthday gift for one of her coworkers, and in this store one may find shelves full of candles and lotions and other smelly things.

Well, smelly to most people. We went through half a shelf of candles and I could only smell anything from two of them. Eventually I tired of proving how useless my nose is and we moved on.

I have, for all intents and purposes, no useful sense of smell. Some strong, unpleasant odors get through but almost none of the good scents do. Go figure, right?

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