Jul 08

Nine years and (hopefully) counting

This week I celebrate the completion of nine solid years at this job.

Of course, being who I am, I immediately realize that nine years is how long I had the last job, which means I start worrying that I’m going to do something stupid and get fired here, too. Not that I’ve done much stupid on the job lately, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it. (Is there anything which can stop me from worrying. Doubtful!)

I took this job because I needed a-job-any-job-yes-please-now-now-now. At first it was a stopgap, something to pay the bills while I found my way to a “real” job. Now I have certain responsibilities, I’ve finally seen a couple of raises, and things seem to be going well. Given the ridiculous debt load I’m carrying right now, at this point the best things that can happen are that I stay with this company and that the company remains robust and profitable, for at least the next… eight years or so.

Could be worse. As of a couple months ago I’m living close enough to the office to keep the commute down under an hour each way, and circumstances have aligned such that I can generally afford to pay bills and eat and so on. I’ll take it.

Jun 26

Just so we’re clear.

There hasn’t been a Quiznos or a Starbucks at this location for YEARS now.


Way to stay on top of that.

May 26

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend this year?

Me? I spent most of it over at Kylanath‘s place, packing boxes, and hauling stuff to the trash or to Goodwill. This morning I am a broken man (my everything hurts) and I’m about to head to work, which is a relatively quiet and peaceful place… well, maybe or maybe not.

Tomorrow, the movers deliver all of those boxes I boxed along with the rest of her stuff. Then we’ll be (at long last) moved into this place we’ve been renting for a month and a half already. Ah, my bachelor-life days are over!

Apr 23

It’s been a long month. Here, have some memes.

The move into the new apartment is (largely) over with (for me, not yet for Kyla) but I’m too worn out to go into great detail about much of anything. So, instead, please enjoy a couple of recent meme-type imagery I cranked out over the last month or so.

Wasn’t that fun? Thank you, and do come again.

Apr 06

Eleven Years Later

I alluded to this a bit in the last post, but now my anxiety levels are low enough to actually discuss the situation.

So, I’m moving. Story goes a bit like this: We receive letter from property management a week ago. Letter says, in effect, “it’s been nice paying a nice relatively-low rent for a three-bedroom place, close into downtown, hasn’t it? Ha ha, that’s over now, please enjoy this eight-hundred-dollar monthly rate increase!”

The verbal outbursts which greeted this letter are not fit for polite company.

Our options were simple: Suck it up and pay nearly three hundred bucks per person more per month. Uproot and try to find another place spacious enough to fit all of us and our stuff and their cats. Break up the band.

I decided on option 3. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with my roommates. They’re good, decent, smart, fun people. However, for some time now the house has really been theirs, and I’m the guy who has the master bedroom upstairs and generally stays out of the way. That’s not by edict, just, sort of how things ended up due to usages and temperaments. Hell, when I moved in here eleven years ago last month this was supposed to be a temporary stop along the way to something else, getting out of the house after the marriage ended.

Time flies when you’re… something or other.

At any rate, cue a week of sheer panic and dread. This is not the sort of situation I’m wired to handle very well. Luckily my roommates, friends, and coworkers have been good sports about this.

50% of my brain went into active adult-mode overdrive. I talked to the bank, I took care of putting my loan payments on hold for a couple of months (…ugh), I called apartment complexes and set up an appointment, I generally ran around Adulting like a professional. It was kind of weird, actually, but it got things done so I’m not complaining.

50% of my brain went into a depressive funk the likes of which I’ve not suffered in nine years, from back when I lost the radio gig. I was convinced, in that part of my brain, that 30 days wasn’t enough time for a loser like me to get his shit together and find a place and get moved and who could afford this anyway? I was going to be homeless and then dead shortly after month’s end.

Stupid? Yeah, but the brain weasels don’t specialize in rational thinking.

So, Kyla and I decided that hey, if we haven’t wrung one another’s neck after a decade of this relationship, maybe now’s the time to try actually living together again. (We did a stint when she first moved to Portland where there were four adults under this roof. It… didn’t go smoothly.) She and I went out to our preferred choice of apartment complexes out along 185th (next to the MAX, which is a requirement for us both) and saw the place and filled out the application and… settled down to wait.

Okay, we also spent yesterday going through my closet, filling giant trash bags for Goodwill and for the dump. Not a day’s gone by that I haven’t been doing something for the move. 24 days remain, as of this writing, after all.

Today, however, as of a phone call at 5pm… I can start breathing again. We got the place. I’ll be moving over the next couple of weeks, Kyla will join me during the month of May if all goes well.

To adventure!

Apr 01

Silver Lining Moment: The Air Conditioner

I always dread the approach of warmer weather because it means (at a particular average temperature threshold) mounting the A/C unit into the bedroom window overlooking the carpark area between the buildings in this apartment complex.

Well, thanks to recent events, that won’t be an issue. At least, it’s staggeringly unlikely that it’ll be an issue since most years I don’t have to put it in place until May, and by the time May rolls around it looks like I’ll be somewhere else.

If I’m really lucky, I’ll be in a new home of some sort, probably an apartment. If I’m not lucky… no telling where I’ll be. Hooboy.

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