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Ringtones for Treo

I love my Treo 600. It’s a wonderful piece of modern technology. For instance, with the combination of Pocket Tunes, mRing and a memory card I can now use bits of mp3 as my ringtones, and assign a different one to each contact or category of contacts (to serve as a default for when I’ve got someone in a category but haven’t picked out a distinctive ringer for them yet).

And so, in the spirit of being useful or some-such, here’s what I’ve created so far. (I won’t bother with the MIDI ringers I first tinkered with… most of those were bollocks anyway.) Mind you, these are short pieces of the tune in question, as nobody in their right mind’s going to listen to all three-to-five minutes of a song instead of, you know, actually answering the bloody phone call.

I’ll probably make up some more later, when I don’t have to download them to my phone over the web. (Yes, yes, I need an SD reader for my computer. I know. I suck.) For now, all you Treo users out there: go forth and enjoy.


  1. Kylanath

    Oh, but you’re supposed to listen to the entire song in your phone while it’s ringing. Pffft *runs and ducks for cover*

  2. Lisa

    I must be special because when I hear a “doesn’t really sound like a phone ring tone”, I ignore the phone. 😉 I even tried some of the other default tones for my 650 and didn’t realize that my phone was ringing. Maybe I’ll have to try again because the default tone is lame!

  3. GreyDuck

    I’m keenly aware of any music I hear, and I make sure to pick fairly distinctive (and relatively uncommon) music for my ringers so I know immediately that a) the music I’m hearing is from my phone and b) that someone I know is calling me. So, it works for me, but YMMV of course.

  4. Pero

    Here ya go.

    talking ringtone

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