Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Tualatin Hills Nature Park – Ch-ch-ch-changes

On an absolute last-second whim, I headed out this afternoon to take a hike around one of my favorite nearby attractions, the Tualatin Hills Nature Park. It’s just two stops away via MAX light rail, but between the pandemic and everything else I just haven’t made it over there in a couple of years.

This is what the entryway to the bridge over the creek bed from the MAX station park entrance looked like in 2018.
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How My Life Goes: A Brief Example

At 2:38pm Pacific time, I emailed Honeywell’s support folks requesting any available tracking info for the replacement AC unit, since I hadn’t heard back from them since the previous Thursday when they agreed to the warranty replacement.

At 2:41pm Pacific time, a quick tap on the door to the apartment heralded the arrival of the replacement AC unit, thus rendering the email I’d just sent absolutely pointless.

Now imagine a lifetime full of this sort of thing and you begin to understand why I feel so emotionally tired all of the time.

About that new AC unit

August 15th, a Monday. We took possession of the AC unit I’d spent an untidy sum of money on to replace the previous AC that went kaput.

September 1st, a Thursday, a mere two and a half weeks later, I cut the power cord and emailed Honeywell Support a photo to prove I’d done so. This was the last step in getting them to ship me a replacement unit under warranty, since this one had developed a worrying and occasionally rather loud rattling noise within days of going into service.

So here we are, another 90F+ day ahead, and we’re short an AC unit.


For an unspecified amount of time.


I am so, so tired of everything.

New AC, Better AC

The good news is that the very (let’s not go into how) expensive new portable AC unit arrived on Monday, with just a couple days to go before the next (current) heatwave arrived. And it does good work! It’s designed for cooling about double the square footage of the old one, so one interesting effect of the upgrade is that sometimes this unit can get ahead of the heat enough to actually go into “fan” mode for a few minutes, periodically.

One amusing feature: It has a little flap on top where the air comes out, and it auto opens/closes when the unit’s powered on/off. There’s even an oscillation mode for that flap, if you want that sort of silliness.

The bad news, of course, is that we’re in another razzafraggin’ heatwave. It almost hit 100F again yesterday and today won’t be much better. Which means I’ve barely slept.


I Don’t Have A Hover Problem

I’d follow that title with an “I can quit any time” but if I quit having domains on Hover then this website would vanish. So, let’s not do that.

After days of pondering and puttering and such, I made some decisions:

  1. I don’t want to join one of the really big Mastodon instances. I like things cozy.
  2. I can’t find a cozy Mastodon instance that isn’t geared toward hyper-niche interests.
  3. I don’t want to spin up another VPS on Linode to run my own. Last time I tried administering a Mastodon server it blew up during an upgrade and I couldn’t get it back.
  4. I’m willing to pay a few dollars per month to make this someone else’s problem.
  5. It’s been a while since I bought a new domain for a silly project, hasn’t it?

And so, a trip to Hover and to later, “Well, Duck Me” is up & running. I don’t yet know if I’ll open it up to other users, though if you’re a friend and have some interest I’ll probably let you join. Just give me a heads-up.

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