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Work Levity: An Email Case Study

While I try to stumble and slide my way through this long, long Friday, one particular round of one-liner emails managed to put a smile on my face. I’ll paraphrase thusly, with artistic embellishments:

VIP, else-company, to Local VIP and My-Own-Self: You and you, please see to it that something is taken care of in some market somewhere. I’m asking you because you two are tangentally involved with the system in question.

Local VIP, to Otherwhere VIP, cc’d to Yours Truly: That has to be taken care of by someone at the market in question. I’ve taken the liberty of communicating your desires to the appropriate party. Have a nice day.

Duckling, to On-Top-Of-Things: Praise you. Had I gotten to that email before you did, I’d have said some distinctly impolitic things, because, I mean, what the hell? No information to go on, just “make it so”? Captain Picard he ain’t.

Capable One, to Groggy Waterfowl: What, you mean you can’t read minds? I have a great how-to book to sell you, in that case.

Snarky Quacker, to Purveyor Of Mystic Lore: Any number of women in my acquaintance would praise your name if you had such a book for me to learn from. *laughter*

Snake-Oil Saleswoman, to Hopeful Sucker: And I’d be rich!!! *bigger laughter*

Okay, actually those last three exchanges are nearly verbatim. The earlier ones are quite a bit modified from the original.

Some days, I really love my job simply because it amuses me.

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  1. wendi

    That’s hilarious.

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