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Blogging As Punk

Via that canny state-of-the-blogosphere watcher Snappy the Clam, a rant you simply must read if you maintain a website that could fall under the category of “blog.”

It was, for a while, as if we were all fans of the punk, you see, together out there on the floor, drenched in sweat, pogoing, hurling beer cans, singing along, not really caring which band was up on the stage, just loving the hum and the throb and the tribal feeling of it all. Now it feels as if many of us have become fans of various specific bands, or have started our own and are struggling to gather our own crowds, or have decided to just keep it in the garage where it belongs, and damn having an audience. We don’t have time to go to each others’ gigs anymore. When everyone is in a band, there’s no one left to watch the shows.

That almost inevitably leads to irrelevance, though. Survey says. You sell yourself to the record company to try and get a distribution deal, you start to watch what you say, you suck up to the Big Boys, and try to be seen in the right places with the right powder dusting your nostrils. You lose the holy fire, you start thinking in terms of ‘product’, you tell yourself you’re going to ‘change it from the inside,’ but you’re part of the machine now, and it’s too late for you.

It’s some gonzo writing, mate. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Wonderchicken

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  1. Korashime

    No, I agree with it. He rather nicley sums up the spirit with wich I try and participate in this blog mess thing.

    Thanx for turning me on to him.

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