Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Breaking the silence… again!

So, uh, what have I been up to these last four days? Well, I worked a “normal” shift Friday. I was home Saturday with the kids. I spent the first part of Sunday curled up in bed, not so much sleeping as just sort of recovering. What finally got me moving was hearing some music playing in the living room.

Erica was using the multimedia computer and playing some InuYasha soundtrack cuts. That was enough to bring me out of my torpor and get me into the living room. What woke me the rest of the way up is that the myHTPC display was showing “album art” for the InuYasha directory.

Long story short, I know how album art works now. Hah!

While explaining the feature to Erica, I tested it by navigating to the Nausicaa soundtrack directory (yep, the cover-art JPG showed up just like it was supposed to). While I was there I queued up some of the tracks and told Erica about how those songs are from one of my all-time favorite anime. Okay, mind you I haven’t actually seen an uncut subtitled Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. I own a copy of the hacked up dub called Warriors of the Wind, though. Erica decided she wanted to see it, and have me watch it with her. And that’s exactly what we did. (She liked it. That’s my girl!)

(But wow, it’s been a few years. I’d forgotten just how awful some of those voices and lines really are.)

During the movie I got a call from Dalemar, who outta-the-blue invited me to do some LAN gaming. Mechwarrior 4, to be specific. Who am I to turn down some gaming, eh? It had been far too long since I’d fragged, yes indeed.

So I got together with him, the Ratboy and a couple of their friends to experience… pain, really. I’m not a very good mech builder, and I’m an even worse mech pilot. I had fun, though, and that’s what counts. (Okay, I had an absolute blast. No complaints at all.)

Yesterday didn’t give me much I really want to write about until after about 9pm, when I went over to hang out with Lil’ and Molly for a couple of hours. Good stew, good chit-chat, just what I needed after a day full of tense frustration highlighted by the closest thing to a full-on anxiety attack I’ve had in ages. Whee.

Today was a much mellower day, though the 24 computers Corporate ordered as 2004’s replacement “budget” showed up this afternoon. Guess what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks at work?

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  1. Kylanath

    Y’know, every single time I see this title – I can’t help but get the Queensryche song of the same title stuck in my head. Must. Listen. To. CD. Now.

    You’re such an evil influence on me *grin*

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