I don’t delve into this territory very often, and that’s likely to show in the quality of this little piece of writing. I’m going to do it anyway. It’s just a nagging train of thought that won’t leave me alone until I tell someone about it…

Something’s been bothering me lately. I read rant after rant about how “we’re not allowed to criticize” the current President, usually in prefix or suffix to a critique of said President.

Do you know why we’re allowed to say “negative” things about Dubya? I mean, aside from the First Amendment (however much that’s worth anymore)? It’s because nobody really cares what anyone says. The people who might otherwise be concerned that the truth about the misdirections and FUD and outright lies is coming out are people who know they have nothing to worry about. The only people listening to the truth are the people who already know it.

What’s really bothering me is the utter, complete lack of accountability at the highest levels. Checks and balances? What’s that? Somehow we’ve achieved a level of collective apathy that condones by inaction what should be unforgivable actions in a head of state, let alone the head of what state presents itself as the beacon of the rule of law over any one man’s power.

So let me get this straight. I use clever sleight of mind to distract my wife, outright lie to her when I can’t quite get away with half-truths, and when the truth comes out all hell breaks loose. The most prominent figure in this country uses sleight of mind to distract us, outright lies when his back’s to the wall, and when the truth comes out… well, you certainly hear and see enough from the unimportant, the emasculated and the tiredly bitter. But nothing actually happens.

Gee, it must be awfully nice to be filthy rich and utterly devoid of conscience.

I don’t even have the luxury of faith in karma or God to see to it that justice is eventually done to the sort of people who perpetrate lies, bigotry and hatred at the top levels of a government supposedly based on ideals like freedom, equality and accountability.

And you wonder why I can’t listen to those “proud to be an American” ditties on the country station I now work for?