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James Burke – Worlds Without End

From the year 1985, some musings on whether the microchip will free or enslave us all, as we finish up The Day The Universe Changed…

(12 June 2014)

“Maybe everything was all joined up once, then drifted apart. Hmm?” – James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed

If you watched the new rendition of Cosmos recently, you may have heard a little bit about a guy named Wegener who came up with what turned out to be the right idea about continents moving around on our planet, and got lambasted by the scientific establishment for it. Here’s part of a different take on the same subject, courtesy of the final episode of The Day The Universe Changed, titled “Worlds Without End.”

I’ll see if I can bash out one more of these so we have two from this final episode to go with the preceding eight “main” episodes…

(19 June 2014)

“But, ironically, the latest product of that way of doing things is a new instrument, a new system, that while it could make conformity more rigid, more totalitarian than ever before in history, could also blow everything wide open.” – James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed

I hasten to point out: this aired in 1985.

It remains to be seen which prediction will come true.

We now conclude our months-long romp through The Day The Universe Changed, a series I wholeheartedly recommend a full viewing of if you ever get the chance. I took another skim through the first episode and still couldn’t find anything which would make a good image set, so here you are.

Of course, if asked nicely, I might have a go at the show which put James Burke on the map in a big way… the original Connections. Hmm?



  1. Connections?

    Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • Ha! Yes, I did indeed go after Connections. And you’ll get to see it all in a matter of days instead of the months it took me the first go-around…

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