We’re almost all caught up with my gifsets from Tumblr for The Day The Universe Changed…

(12 May 2014)

“But then, Edison didn’t just switch on. Edison SWITCHED ON.

“Typically, Edison did it on a grand scale, producing everything needed from switches, to cables, to generating plant.” – James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed

Episode nine of this series includes, among other things, a wonderful evisceration of the mystique of Thomas Edison, “a man who must have been absolutely insufferable.”

One of the movies I watched during my art-house-movie days as a youth was something called “My Twentieth Century,” which loosely centers on the event Mr Burke is describing. I can’t actually recommend it, but bits of it have stuck with me after all these years so it must’ve done something right.

Next up? Something a bit cheesy to round out the penultimate episode of the series. And, yes, I’m going to see if I can wring some material out of the “wrap up” episode at the end…

(20 May 2014)

“Until, fittingly, a Swiss government bureaucrat named Einstein simply invented a new universe.” – James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed

You can tell this was made in the days before the ready availability of steady-cam equipment, can’t you?

Here we conclude “Making Waves” and, thus, the main run of this particular series, though I might try to squeeze one or two sets out of the wrap-up 10th episode if I can find something appropriate. Maybe I’ll do up the famous “microchip” bit, how does that sound?

And if you ask nicely, maybe I’ll go back and take a shot at the original Connections series as well…