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3WA: Looking back, looking ahead

The weekly word working assignment is nearing the end of its first year. Overall, how did it go? I consider it a success. I never missed an update, I’m reasonably proud of most of the posts, and there’s a chance (however slim) that I may have led someone to watch something they might have overlooked otherwise.

Fine, fine… my readership amounts to maybe three entire souls. Slim chance, indeed. But capturing an audience wasn’t the primary goal. Forcing myself to get back into the habit of logging into this thing and flexing my writing muscles, that was the primary goal.

The remaining two 3WA posts for 2017 are in the bag. They’ll show up this and next Friday, right on schedule. I made sure to complete them before my mid-month vacation in order to dedicate vacation time to next year’s project prep. I chose a more challenging format, one which requires more work than just sourcing some screenshots.

It’s time to look ahead.

During the year two thousand seventeen, I wrote about fifty-two pieces of animation that brought me some measure of joy. In the year to come I intend to write about fifty-two music albums which bring me some measure of joy. Joy, as we established at the outset, is a key part of this ongoing project. The 3WA concept was born from a deep, desperate need to focus on the good things in life, and if the unrelenting hellshow of 2016 gave rise to this year’s project then what else could I do coming out of 2017 but to bump things up a level?

So, without further ado: Do you have a few minutes? About ten of them, actually? Because right here, right now, you can decide if it’s worth tuning in for 2018’s 3WA series.

Bonus points if you can name more than half the artists (without using search engines to cheat, mind you).


  1. Wonderduck

    Okay, so I’m positive about three for sure, and I’m pretty sure about another half-dozen or so. No bonus points for me.

    Yup, I’ll be reading.

  2. Cheryl

    No bonus points here either — ABWH was the only one I was completely sure of, although there were a couple of others that I thought I recognized. You’ve got me intrigued, though!

  3. Karel Kerezman

    It was a bit cruel of me to offer bonus points when I deliberately chose mostly non-vocal parts of mostly more-obscure tracks on a lot of lesser-known albums. Sorry about that, friends.

  4. Wonderduck

    Ooh! I accidentally stumbled over one! Not enough neon in the video though. I don’t UNDERSTAND the video, mind, but… not enough neon.

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