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3WA 2017

Most of us can agree that The Year Of Somebody’s Lord Two Thousand And Sixteen was, by most agreed-upon units of measure, an unrelenting march through waist-deep sludge. (I see you, Cubs fans. We’re cool. No worries.) I can’t make that better. I can’t save the world, or even more than a teeny tiny portion of it. What I can do, however, is try to shine a light on some things that brought me joy so that (perhaps) someone else might discover a source of happiness of which they were previously unaware. To make this work I must enforce diligence upon myself. I must strive for consistency. I must… set a deadline and stick to it. Oooh, scary…

Hey! It’s worked before! I perform well to deadlines, as four years of always-on-time webcomic production can attest. So starting in 2017 I shall commence the Weekly Word Working Assignment, or 3WA.

Yes, I’m deliberately referencing that 3WA. Because 2017’s 52 weeks’ worth of 3WA shall be spent telling you about a bunch of the animated stuff I like best and why you might (possibly) like it, too. The bulk of it will be Japanese animation, but not exclusively. I won’t be trying to convince anyone to watch something terrible under the guise of “it’ll make you a more well-rounded animation snob.” In fact, animation snobs are probably going to give me what-for about some of my choices as well as some of my pointed omissions. I don’t care. This is about sharing joy, not about highlighting critical darlings. Your mileage is expected to vary.

Please look forward to it, starting on Friday, January 6th, 2017. Thank you.

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  1. Wonderduck

    The anticipation is building…

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