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Hip Hip Hooboy

I turn 40 in a few weeks.

I’m no stranger to the trick knee, having “enjoyed” such for most of a decade so far. Unpleasant, sure, but it’s manageable, isn’t it? Stairs aren’t your friend but level surfaces don’t cause much difficulty.

Yesterday morning, my left hip started going wonky. As in, “walking hurt like hell all of a sudden.” What’s weirder is that stairs don’t trigger the pain much but walking across level ground becomes rather excruciating. Like, say, the walk to the store and back.

And I woke up with the same pain this morning. This had better subside, and soon…


  1. Cheryl

    No fun that! My hips started giving me trouble about a year ago. (Standing up is the worst, for some reason.) Getting old is full of surprises.

    You might try Vitamin D supplements, since a deficiency there can cause joint pain. My symptoms get markedly worse if I skip my supplements for a few days.

    • GreyDuck

      I’ve been taking multivitamins for years now… Feh.

  2. Wonderduck

    I’m approaching 44, and I’m glad to say my hips don’t ache. Ankles and knees, yes, hips no. Oh, and my shoulders. That’s new.

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