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Builder Of Unwanted Things

I love building things. Heck, I think I wrote about that here recently.

Sometimes, people even appreciate and/or make use of those things. That sure feels good, doesn’t it?

Usually, though, nobody really does. This goes back so, so far. Heck, my last really successful endeavor was when I took over the Anime Blog Muyo forum (well, kind of… I built my own and everyone migrated over when RadicalBender was done running his forum) and that lasted for… a couple of years? The Wayback Machine stopped indexing AEIOU’s content in mid-2008 and I genuinely don’t remember when we closed up shop there for good. We had some good times back then, the handful of us who remained…

(Side note: Nailing down some of the details in the previous paragraph involved reading through a lot of my own blog posts of the time and boy howdy was that a dark couple of years for me. Yikes.)

Then there’s stuff like the Mastodon server (I had two other users besides myself, and only one of them “tooted” more than a small handful of times). The home-theater computing rigs that only I would use in the household. Various purchased and/or assembled gadgets like that. Websites, forums, what-have-you. I ran a webcomic for four entire years with a readership of… half a dozen entire humans? Maybe?

Never mind this website that almost nobody reads. (Ha ha, how meta.)

It happens at work, too. A wiki almost nobody used. Fancy scripted automation stuff that only I ever actually use. Documentation nobody reads. (Well, I do: I don’t always remember how I did the fancy scripted automation thing the last time, after all.)

I can’t help myself, though. Not really. The challenge of getting something built has its rewards, and what else am I supposed to do? Just… not make stuff? Be serious. This is why I’m probably going to fire up another Mastodon instance (the one I’m on currently is shutting down, which may be ironic, I dunno). It’s why I’m still hoping to do more GoPro-footage YouTube videos that nobody will watch.

It’s fun to make stuff, dagnabbit. So… as much as some recognition would be (hugely) appreciated, I’m going to keep at it.

The alternative isn’t worth considering.

Sunset – 16 June 2022

I haven’t been doing much, not really, but I keep a camera or two handy for the occasional scenic moments that come along. Like, this one:

Say what you will about living in Hillsboro Oregon, but you can’t deny it gives really good sky sometimes.

More news once there’s news of some sort. Hopefully of the good variety.

Look at him. He’s shredded.

Life tip for y’all: Don’t save up so many years’ worth of medical bill notifications and insurance notices and similar needs-shredding materials that you nearly burn out the motor on your budget-level paper shredder.

How do I know this? Because experience is what you earn when things go sideways, that’s how.

In related news, I’ve done a little bit of de-junking around the place. Wires and connectors I’ll never use again, thrown out. Gear that will never be plugged in again in this household, into the Goodwill box. (It’s not busted gear, I’m not a jerk. It’s just stuff that’s obsolete for my needs.) Old papers (warranty notices, instruction sheets, etc) without personal info on ’em, recycled. And, old papers with my personal info on ’em, shredded.

Some of them, anyway. Once the shredder cools down a bit I’ll try to do the rest…

What I Want

I know I’m a needy, greedy bastard, it’s true, but here’s what I want: A home large enough for the bookshelves we need, with a space for my computer desk that isn’t in my bedroom, where we don’t share a horizontal border surface with strangers (floor or ceiling), close enough to good grocery shopping (or at least simple public transit thereto), at a price I/we can afford, that we can happily live & stay in for the next, I dunno, decade or so.

Just… putting that out there into the universe.

Kind of lost a week, there.

I was trying to keep to a couple-times-per-week-ish posting cadence, but last week just completely ran away from me. Brain weasels, noisy neighbors, work frustrations, all the fun stuff.

I mean, I don’t really have anything to say today either, other than “Whoops, sorry about that.”

Let’s hope things improve soon.

Uh Why Me Five Oh

I looked in the site archives for March of 2012 only to discover that I didn’t write anything on or about my 40th birthday, which means I lack the nearest comparison to turning 50 in terms of “birthdays ending in zero.” (A few days after my birthday I wrote about some of the damage to my psyche from losing the Entercom job, though.)

A decade prior I wrote a quick post for turning 30, nestled in between various memes and microblogging entries. It doesn’t give me much to go on either.

And I didn’t have a website in 1992, so I’ve got nothing to work with for turning 20.

50, though. The road from 40 to 50 was a heck of a thing. Between moving out of NE PDX to the suburban blah that is the Hillsboro/Beaverton border, the advent of the pandemic, and getting diagnosed as type-2 diabetic (with all the life changes and side-effects that entails)… yeah, I feel different this time around. Some things improved (I lost weight, I’m eating better), others definitely deteriorated (my social circle is a pinpoint, my faith in humanity nearly nonexistent, diabetic neuropathy reduced my quality of life).

I honestly don’t know what I’m even trying to do next, let alone what will happen. I just hope I’m here to write about how different 60 is from 50…

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