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Tag, I’m it!

This journal is now upgraded to WordPress version 2.3, for good or for ill. This upgrade required a few behind-the-scenes changes so I took advantage of this opportunity to do a little “out with the old, in with the new” action.

The Old: I wasn’t using the Timeline at all, and only rarely did I update my Status page. The plugins which made those pages work aren’t fully compatible with 2.3 so I ditched them. Since I was already on a housekeeping binge, I made the Technorati widget go away (you could count the referrals I received from them on the fingers of one hand) and removed some of the old themes & plugins that I was never going to use again anyway.

The New: Tagging. I don’t think I’m going to go through my back catalog of nearly-1800 posts to add tags, but I can add new tags as I go and as I find the need to touch up an older posting.

The Unchanged: I was going to spring a new theme on you, but I couldn’t find one that didn’t annoy me in one important aspect or another. I think in the long run it’ll have turned out wise to just plug new code revisions into this theme just as I’ve done with the WordPress 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 upgrades. This upgrade was infinitely less annoying than the last one, at least.

The Linkage: If you’re going to retrofit an existing theme, you should absolutely pick up the Advanced Tag Entry plugin and the Configurable Tag Cloud widget plugin. With Advanced Tag Entry, you actually get to manage the tags you’re using on each of the posts. The default WordPress 2.3 installation provides no meaningful control over existing tags whatsoever, and ATE remedies that handily. The Configurable Tag Cloud, meanwhile, gives you the sidebar widget we should have been given with the stock WordPress install in the first place. Get it, use it, love it.

Well, this took a bit longer than I originally expected. I guess I’ll have to work on my long-overdue image manipulation projects later this week, eh? (There’s a gallery to fill with pictures from the coast trip, there are banner images to craft for both of the forums…)


  1. Kylanath

    Yay for sucessful upgrading!

  2. Lil

    And I second that yay! (Tagging annoys the hell out of me, though. It seems like a sloppy/lazy version of “categories.” If you decide to upgrade my blog at some point — not that I’m asking, mind you — please skip the tagging thingie.)

  3. GreyDuck

    I can see the value in tagging in terms of being able to drill down to fairly specific kinds of content without having to manage a bajillion categories, but it’s definitely extra work for questionable reward if it’s not something you’re already “into.” I may yet bail on the whole thing, and I’m certainly not converting any of my existing categories into tags.

    Don’t worry: If the other WordPress sites get updated, all I have to do is not plug the tagging code in. Piece of cake. *wry grin*

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