Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

And this post makes… ten.

You know I’m having a bad month when I can barely eke out ten posts from 1st to 31st. As it is, my son wrote most of the previous one… two weeks ago. Ouch. As anyone who knows me could tell you, I haven’t been doing so well lately, a time period defined as “since I lost my job last March.” You’d think that being employed for over six months would have given me the time and money needed to get back on my feet, but apparently you’d be wrong in my case. I’m sleeping poorly, getting sick more often, and generally have very little energy or enthusiasm. Even the things I could usually handle with grace and a smile are getting to me, such as getting thoroughly trounced in a game of Munchkin.

That’s not to say I’m living in some kind of hell. Drama levels are generally down, my bills are paid, the basic necessities are covered. I enjoy the company of people who care about me, we share laughter fairly often, and nobody’s currently in what I would define as a serious crisis situation, nor are there any active feuds that I know of. Life could be so very much worse, indeed.

And yet.

I’m searching for something that will help lift my spirits again, without falling into the trap of thinking, “As soon as I find [whatever] then I’ll be happy!” That was always Mom’s problem, her persistent belief that there was something or someone Out There(tm) and all she had to do for her “happily ever after” was to find it or them. So, no, there is no wonderful fix-it-all waiting for me. (I’ve been fixed, thanks.)

I’ll figure something out. Unlike some people, I don’t like wallowing in misery and I don’t like using pity ploys to gain attention. Hell, that’s why I’ve not been writing very much lately: You don’t want to read a continual string of depressing posts, and I don’t want to write them. See? I’m always thinking of you, my loyal and devoted readers. That’s what kind of a great guy I am.

There are a few amusing things to write about and link to which I plan on getting posted over the next few days. I’ll even go so far to say that “I’m back, baby.”

I know, I know. I’ve claimed to be “back” several times over the last few months. Time will tell, as usual…


  1. Lil

    I think a certain little grey duck needs a little spoiling…and I’d love to volunteer for the job!

  2. Lisa

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. And even experience it from time to time. *hugs* I hope that Lil gets to spoil you and that it helps improve your mood, because it sucks feeling apathetic about life.

  3. Merripan

    I know where you’re coming from – may be a Pisces thing, as both me and Mishu have it currently, too… It’s not that I’m horribly unhappy – there’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on that isn’t – well – I guess you could call it filled… And that sounds naughty… So I’ll go now. Hugs, and I hope you feel better soon! ~M

  4. Christopher Walsh

    Going through my own strangeness, so you have my sympathies…

    One of many things on the nice side, though: I had a quick-‘n’-nice e-mail exchange on Wednesday with Gustav (asking him about the rumored Gorillaz movie he’d mentioned on-air). I mentioned that I was acquainted with you. I also mentioned “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,” and he added that his favorite part of that film was Uma Thurman. Meaning naked Uma Thurman.

    There. Naked Uma Thurman. That thought should make you feel better…

  5. Mari

    I know where you are coming from… We should go have IHOP

    Mmmm pancakes and hash browns and bacon….

  6. GreyDuck

    I like the IHOP idea… I’m not quite as thrilled about naked Uma Thurman, but I appreciate the thought! *wry grin*

    (Yes, folks. Apparently bacon beats nudity.)


  7. Christopher Walsh

    (Yes, folks. Apparently bacon beats nudity.)

    Another sign of the truth of “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”!

    Enjoy the foodage. Or if you already have, enjoyed it?

    (Kind of tired, nowhere near profound right now, please ignore the lightweight-ness of this comment…)

  8. Christopher Walsh

    Two things: 1) I also had another nice e-mail exchange (e-xchange!) with Daria over a bit on her show yesterday (now I really should e-mail Jayn at Radio Alice down in San Francisco; I always liked her, but never e-mailed her) and 2) Gee, I’ve had my LJ URL entered wrong all this time in this reply program. It’s fixed this time.

  9. Sarah

    I made 3 posts for the month of January. Ouch. And, yes, it does prove your theory true that posts > 10 = bad month.

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