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Spud Rides The Floating Twinkies

Apparently, part of my son’s evening activities yesterday included leaving the surface of the planet for a few minutes… here, I’ll let him tell you all about it:

So, yes, I rode the OHSU tram. Both ways, in fact. Before I describe my acrophobia at the time, I must say that there was an amazing view of downtown Portland about halfway up the hill. Absolutely amazing.

I must admit, however, that my fear of heights had kicked in long before we had even left the station on the ground. They must have anticipated my acrophobia long before, though, because there were many bars to hold onto on the way up. Four vertical ones in the “corners”, and two long horizontal ones running along the curved ends. So I had TWO bars to hold onto. Security at its finest.

Enough about me. Anyway, we had ridden it during the night, so I got to see the brightened city from a bird’s-eye view, so to speak. I would love to ride it in the day, but I’d need to ask Steve, who works at OHSU and was gracious enough to give us the tour that night. That is, I think
we need to be accompanied by someone who has an OHSU ID.

So, one way or another, the tram ride was an incredibly interesting experience… overall. Only my fear of heights got in the way of my enjoyment.



  1. Wendi

    confronting situations that could make us afraid is the best way to get over it.

  2. Lil

    I agree entirely with Wendi! That’s the main reason I went bungee-jumping a couple years ago — it was terrifying, but also exhilirating. Overcoming that fear was very difficult (and I’m still afraid of heights) but it gave me a sense of strength & pride that was just amazing.

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