Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Marvel, yes. Modern, not even!

Dear Producers of the History Channel series, “Modern Marvels”:

Pack it up and go home. You’re done. There’s nothing left. The well is completely dry.

It’s funny I should mention wells, because the show I saw earlier tonight is the one which convinced me that you guys have totally run out of ideas. You started out with some interesting stuff, and later on I could tell you were reaching a bit, but I think with this one episode you’ve moved as far away from the original premise as possible.

In case nobody clued you in before now, please allow me. Water is not a modern marvel. It’s a great substance to be sure, with many marvelous properties worth describing in detail. Modern, however, it ain’t.

You’re done. Seriously. Give it up, move on to something better and brighter. Do it now. Please.


  1. Lil

    It could have been worse — we could have watched the Science Channel and seen the “perilous theoretical journey.” *snicker*

  2. Spud

    As much as I can agree with you, I should probably warn you of what the producers’ counterpoint might be:

    “We’ve only started to marvel about water just recently. So it’s a modern marvel because we’re marveling about it in modern times.”

    This sure isn’t a good argument, but it’s a loophole they can use. Just a warning.

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