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Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-six

PAST: Share with us one good and one bad thing about this past year.

PRESENT: Which direction are you headed as the new year begins?

FUTURE: What will you have accomplished by this time next year?

You’ll notice I didn’t ask for a list of resolutions. That would be hypocritical… I haven’t made resolutions in years.

Six more weeks and it’s all over, folks. The PPF, that is. Thanks for playing, as always!

Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-four

Reincarnation? Why not?

PAST: Who, or what, were you in your past life?

PRESENT: What are you in this life, really?

FUTURE: What would you like to come back as, next time around?

Once this is all over I’m probably going to change things so the permalink is a special page that lists all of the PPFs by number along with their seed ideas. That way someone can come along months down the road and answer whatever one they want to, any day of the week, any week of the year. Sounds like a plan, wot?
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Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-three

PAST: What would you consider your first real accomplishment in life? We’re talking about something you put real, conscious effort into, here.

PRESENT: What are you working on now that you’re hoping to have accomplished soon?

FUTURE: What accomplishment would you like to be remembered for? (Hint: This is where you could get away with making up something delightfully improbable.)

And I feel better for having accomplished this round of the PPF while under considerable stress. Huzzah! Comment so we know you were here, please? And as always, link back using the handy-dandy always-updated permalink below. Thank you!

Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-two

PAST: Life…

PRESENT: The Universe…

FUTURE: And Everything!

Think of this as the Douglas Adams Memorial PPF. (Like, check out the PPF #, man.) Or, think of it as a cheap cop-out in lieu of real thought-provoking content. No, scratch that; I definitely want you to think of it that first way. C’mon, have some fun with it! Be creative!

And once you’re done being creative, let us know about it via the comments. Thanks!
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Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-one

PAST: What were you thankful for when you were young?

PRESENT: What are you thankful for today?

FUTURE: What will you be thankful for next year?

Unimaginative, perhaps, but indeed relevant. We often lose sight of what’s good in our lives when we’re neck-deep in the proverbial kimchee. We like to go on (and on and on) about all of the annoying crap that pisses us off, and forget to give proper attention to the things that are going right. So here you go, folks. Make me proud.

As always, please comment so we know where to find your answers, or just go ahead and answer right in the comments. When you link back here, as I hope you do, use the handy-dandy permalink shown below, set to always link to the latest PPF. (That is, when I don’t space out updating the permalink file. *cough*)

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