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Past, Present, Future – Round Fifty-two

It started as sort of a lark, and a reaction to a bad run of Friday Fives. The high concept wasn’t so much about asking questions as it was about giving people three related starting points for writing whatever they felt like writing in response to what I provided. In the beginning I really tried to set up some good thought-experiment material. Also, in the beginning, I was answering my own meme.

And then I started running a bit dry. The questions… well, they became questions instead of seed ideas for good writing. They got simpler, if not downright silly. (Okay, for the record I’m really proud of the silly week. It’s those other pathetic entries I’m not so happy about.)

So here we are. We’re at the end. I won’t say I’m sorry to see it go, but I’m sorry I ran out of steam so quickly. I’ll end it on a note of simplicity.

PAST: Where have you been?

PRESENT: Where are you now?

FUTURE: Where are you going?

Next week, I’ll put up the final product: A page indexing all 52 of these little thought experiments. Be well, good people, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my modest contribution to memespace.
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Past, Present, Future – Round Fifty-one

We’re all about the phraseology this week…

PAST: Pick a memorable catchprase or classic utterance from your youth. And, of course, share it with the class.

PRESENT: What’s a catchphrase that you probably use just a bit too often nowadays?

FUTURE: Give us a bit of something for the ages. Give us a saying, catchphrase or silly bit of verbage that you’d love to see enter the cultural lexicon.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’m going to remind you that there’s precisely one more of these left to go before it all goes away. (And “away” could mean one of two things, but that hasn’t been decided yet.) Don’t worry, though… there’ll be the archive page from which you can choose to select any given week’s rendition for use, or reuse. It’ll be at the usual permalink location…
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Past, Present, Future – Round Fifty

“Fifty,” I thought to myself. “Fifty what? Fifty-cent piece? Hmm… money!”

PAST: I remember those pre-teen days when having a pocketful of change gave me a sense of financial independence. What did you first do for money?

PRESENT: Understanding the current (lousy) state of the economy, I won’t assume you’re employed right now. So. What did you last do for money?

FUTURE: If you suddenly came into a situation where you didn’t need the income, would you still work some sort of job?

Another week older, another week richer in wisdom. Or some-such. Two more weeks left in this year-long slice of insanity, folks!
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Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-nine

PAST: The quality of our thoughts can only be as good as the quality of our language, for words are the very core of thought. How diligent were you at building your vocabulary, when you were a youngster?

PRESENT: What’s the most recent addition to your vocabulary?

FUTURE: What word would you like to see added to the general lexicon… and what word would you like to see removed?

Word up, baby.
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Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-seven

PAST: Did you, or did you not, eat your vegetables as a youngster?

PRESENT: What sorts of veggies will and won’t you eat nowadays?

FUTURE: Which would you rather end up: Vegetable or mineral? (We’re assuming you’re currently an animal, here. If otherwise, you should really let us know.)

A bit silly, yes, but at least it’s not directly topical for a change! Leave your answers (or a link thereto), and while you’re at it feel free to suggest “seed ideas” for the Final Five…

Thanks for stopping by!
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