Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-two

PAST: Life…

PRESENT: The Universe…

FUTURE: And Everything!

Think of this as the Douglas Adams Memorial PPF. (Like, check out the PPF #, man.) Or, think of it as a cheap cop-out in lieu of real thought-provoking content. No, scratch that; I definitely want you to think of it that first way. C’mon, have some fun with it! Be creative!

And once you’re done being creative, let us know about it via the comments. Thanks!
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  1. Melpster

    Mine are up.

  2. korashime

    First! Booyeah…

  3. Celina

    K,.. late, but I did it!

  4. merripan

    Past: Life… Is currently kinda hectic, and very poor in money right now… But I’m surviving, so hey – that’s good. Besides, I just re-arranged my living room. Yippee!

    Present: The Universe – is vast, and full of posibilities that I’m currently trying to achieve… We’ll see if it’s possible.

    Future: And Everything – is fairly peachy right now for me. While I can’t afford much, I’m able to pay for my bills and rent, and my car still works, which is good – and V and I are still talking and working things out on a daily basis so that’s good, too…

    Quite a number of positive things going on in Life, the universe and everything, really. Definately things that shall keep me on my toes for now… 😉

  5. Lilith

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

  6. Ashalen

    way late but up

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