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Past, Present, Future – Round Forty

PAST: Trebuchet or battering ram?

PRESENT: Stealth bomber or cruise missile?

FUTURE: Mass driver or particle beam?

The seed idea this week is “seige weaponry,” brought to you by an evening spent playing Age of Mythology. (Ah, I love the Age games.) I admit it’s sort of an odd choice, but I’m in an odd mood tonight… so you’ll just have to deal with it. You are, as always, encouraged to have fun with your answers. Thank you for playing, and don’t forget to comment so we know you were here!
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Past, Present, Future – Round Thirty-nine

PAST: Did you and your family do the “big summer vacation” thing when you were a kid? You know, long hours on the road (or at the airport), “Are we there yet?”, “Don’t make me come back there!”, and all that fun? Do tell…

PRESENT: When was the last time you took deliberate, premeditated time off from work for the sole purpose of goofing off? And what did you end up doing?

FUTURE: You have the means, motive, opportunity, blah blah blah. Where do you go, who do you bring, what do you do on your no-holds-barred vacation?

And while you’re reading this, I’m probably curled up in bed at a hotel, or just lounging around like a lazy bastard. Neener neener!

You know the game, folks. Leave a comment so we know you were here and where to find your answers, and if you link back (as I hope you do) please use the always-current permalink below. And thanks for stopping by!

Past, Present, Future – Round Thirty-eight

PAST: I could, as usual, be assuming a lot when I write these. For instance, I assume you went trick-or-treating as a child. And even if you didn’t, you probably had a favorite candy. So what was it, eh?

PRESENT: When was the last time someone did something sweet for you?

FUTURE: You’re going to buy sweets for your sweet. What do you choose?

Yes, yes, it’s all so sickeningly sweet. What inspired this? The pile of empty Tootsie Roll wrappers littering my desk, if you must know. (Thanks, Mari!)

You know the drill folks. At least, I hope you should be now. Handy-dandy permalink follows…

Past, Present, Future – Round Thirty-seven

PAST: Because we haven’t delved deeply into childhood trauma lately, tell us about the scariest event from your youth.

PRESENT: Creepy-crawlies? Heights? Large dogs? Oblivion? What are your phobias nowadays?

FUTURE: Who (or what) do you want to be for Halloween? Price and practicality are no object, here.

Imagine that, a Halloween-themed PPF. I’m sure you’re all amazed. Leave a comment with your answers or a link thereto, and when you link back please use the handy-dandy permalink below. Thank you, and I hope you have a ghoulishly grand time tonight!

Past, Present, Future – Round Thirty-six

PAST: Juice, milk, or soda?

PRESENT: Coffee, tea, or cocoa?

FUTURE: By land, by air or by sea?

“One of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong…” Oh well. Perhaps I’m overly fond of these “free-interpretation” PPFs, but they’re fun dammit!

Anyway. You know how to play, folks. Leave a comment with your answers or the link thereto, and when you link back please use the following handy-dandy always-current permalink: http://greyduck.net/ppf/

Thanks once again!

Past, Present, Future – Round Thirty-five

PAST: Mickey Mouse, rotary, cordless… what kind of phone did you have in your house, growing up?

PRESENT: Describe your current relationship with mobile phone technology.

FUTURE: What do you suppose is next? Implanted cellular technology? Videophones? (Yeah, they’ve been promising that since just about forever, huh?)

Yes, I have telephones on the brain this morning. We lost service at home yesterday, so I had to wait until I could get in to the office to post this PPF!

Le sigh.

You know the drill, folks. As always, thanks for participating and do come again.

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