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Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-five

PAST: Best. Christmas. Ever.

PRESENT: How’d you spend the day, yesterday?

FUTURE: What do you really want to find under your tree next year?

Yeah, I know. Once again I take the cheap and easy way out. I’m nothing if not topical. Leave a comment so we know you were here, won’t you please?
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  1. Melpster

    Mine are up and ready — happy holidays, all!

  2. John

    Mine are up!

  3. merripan

    PAST: Best. Christmas. Ever.

    I think that my best Christmas ever was the last year my mother, father and I were together. Mum had had to go down to Seattle to deal with my sister having a baby, and Dad and I went about setting up the house for Christmas. We got a HUGE tree, decorated it, and went shopping. I carolled outside the local Sprouse Ritz store and got $126.00 in my hat in 4 1/2 hours, and spent the money on gifts for the family and a family up the street who’s parents were getting a rather ugly divorce. While I got reprimanded for spending the money (at first), when Mum found out what I spent the money on, she forgave me.

    PRESENT: How’d you spend the day, yesterday?

    I spent it lolling in bed until noon-ish, when I got up, got dressed and headed out to Lil and Geoffrey’s house to take them to Geoff’s parents place for dinner. We stayed 2 hours and, just when I couldn’t take his father a second more, we got to go back to the house. I then proceeded to get drunk off my ass, which only lasted a few hours (unfortunately – damn the weight loss surgery!), and drove home around midnight.

    FUTURE: What do you really want to find under your tree next year?

    Honestly? I’d like to find V under the tree next year, with the understanding that he was no longer surrounded by his issues… Short of that, I’d like to find lots of pressies that I purchased for other people, instead of making them things.

  4. Ashalen

    I’m up. Merry belated christmas, and happy new years!

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