Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Past, Present, Future – Round Forty-six

PAST: Share with us one good and one bad thing about this past year.

PRESENT: Which direction are you headed as the new year begins?

FUTURE: What will you have accomplished by this time next year?

You’ll notice I didn’t ask for a list of resolutions. That would be hypocritical… I haven’t made resolutions in years.

Six more weeks and it’s all over, folks. The PPF, that is. Thanks for playing, as always!


  1. Melpster

    So are mine!

  2. Susan

    First time player – mine are up! 🙂

  3. Celeste

    Also a first-timer….I have posted.

  4. Mari

    Check me out! I actually did a PPF! 🙂

  5. Heather


    Good thing-Finally made myself a priority.

    Bad thing-Took twenty some odd years to do it.

    Present: Hopefully north for the last time.

    Future accompishment: Stillness and peace of mind, body and soul.

  6. John

    Mine are up!

  7. jesebelle

    Past – Good thing, my daughter got to meet her real dad. Bad thing, he skedaddled again because he’s convinced he’s peter pan.

    Present – Headed….um nowhere right now, just trying to be a good mom and take care of Emily. Trying to get on SSI…otherwise…stuck where I am.

    Future – I will have convinced myself to move to texas by then, most likely. Or elsewhere if the opportunity presents it self.

  8. FallenAngel

    My answers are up on my site.

  9. Chris

    Guilty of not doing the few previous memes…But I did this week’s! *nods*

  10. Kylanath

    Tee hee =) I get to cheat of sorts… Love it when fresly written previous entries fit the criteria. *grin*

  11. Shanachie

    My answers are up 🙂

  12. merripan

    Past: Good thing? Hmmm… Finding out a bit more about me… Bad thing? Losing friends and a loved one in a badly thought-out relationship.

    Present: Where am I going? Anywhere that leads me toward my love and a clear path for our relationship to live on.

    Future: Future Accomplishment? Hmmm…. Settling down and having a few children come to mind, but that won’t be for a while, I’m sure. Meanwhile, just trying to stay ahead of the game in general and being true to myself.

  13. Ashalen

    way late but up

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