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In Good-ish Health

Today I went to the doctor’s office for my first general check-up of the new year. My weight is down a bit (under 170 lbs for the first time in… a while), my blood pressure’s fine (I don’t remember the numbers nor do you need them), the sound of my breathing and heartbeat were nominal, etc. The doc and I talked about my medications as well as revisiting the physical therapy regimen for the range-of-motion issues in my shoulders, and I answered a battery of mental-health questions (how do you think I’m doing in this ongoing pandemic late-stage-capitalism hellscape?) so that’s done for a while. I’m current on my shots, my blood work looks good, in a few months we’ll check again (there will always be more blood work to be done), and all I need to do is keep on keeping on.

As the Internet meme goes, I got a passing grade in being medically examined, which is totally a thing one can achieve and is normal to want.

I even found that I can have the dosage of one of my meds halved officially, so I can just get the smaller-dose pills instead of having to use the pill cutter every other night. Sweet deal!

So, you know. Provided there are no catastrophic events, wild accidents, or pandemic-related shenanigans… I should remain above ground a while longer yet. I hope.

Unexpected Downtime

Just as I really ramp up using this site again, I do something that breaks it for a couple of hours. Ain’t that that way?

OK, in all seriousness: Every week I run package updates on the various Linux servers I run, including this one. Usually that’s a matter of a few minutes total and everything’s fine & dandy afterward. Maybe there’s a reboot involved, which nobody will notice.

Today? What I didn’t notice was a package getting flagged for removal. The core webserver package. Whoops. Due to a problem of some kind with the repository where the packages come from, that package in particular just would not install, no way no how.

A couple of hours later the maintainer got it squared away, but in the meantime there was no here, here. Sorry about that.

Lesson learned: Look closely at the “will be removed” listing before forging ahead.

dBpoweramp: Big Thumbs Up

This afternoon I pulled up an album in MusicBee that I hadn’t listened all the way through in years, Depeche Mode’s Music for the Masses. Partway into it I noticed one song (Little 15) had a bit of a skip. I scrubbed back, listened to that part again, and sure enough… skip confirmed.

Well, great. How long ago did I rip this CD anyway?

Checking the codec properties for that song’s data file revealed that while it wasn’t made with the beta versions of the Ogg Vorbis codec (thank goodness), it certainly dated back to roughly 2002, thus a very early release version. This means the skip glitch could be on account of a newer playback decoder disliking something about early Ogg Vorbis encoding, but is more likely just a result of the cheap fast CD ripper software I used back then.

No time like the present to freshen the library up a bit, then, is there?

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A Blog Old Enough To Drink

Sweet mercy, it’s been twenty one entire years as of today since journal post number one landed in a database on a long-forgotten web host somewhere. It wasn’t the start of my blogging experience, as I’d been running Monaural Jerk on a workstation at the office called Zero previously, but it was the start of this grey duck dot net experience, such as it’s been. The software and the memes and the hosting environments have changed along the way, but the silly man behind the keyboard remains the same… older, but relatively unchanged, for good or ill.

More than two decades later and I’ve still managed not to figure out what I’m really doing here, but I intend to keep doing it anyway.

Good Logging

Fediverse user “c0debabe” posted thus, this afternoon:

Bad logging is worse than no logging because then there is false hope that the info you want might actually be there.

And that inspired me.

It’s unusual for me to use an existing, well-known template. Enjoy this rarity.

Look, I am a delight, okay? Also, I might as well get something useful out of that year I spent living deep in “spotted owl makes good eating” country as a teenager.

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