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NRK = Anarchy

Today was Gustav’s birthday. His present from the company? A swift boot to the rear. His co-host, Daria, has also been silenced though she may yet find a place elsewhere in the company. And let’s not forget Jayn, about whom I recently wrote nice things, and whose birthday was quite recent. She’s gone too.

As far as the company was concerned, NRK had become two radio stations. The Marconi portion, which had a particular sound and attitude and was bringing in great ratings, and the rest of the dayparts, which sounded and performed differently. Today the powers-that-be swung the axe and have initiated great changes in the station’s line-up.

The Marconi show is going to Seattle to become a syndicated morning show, airing there and here in Portland. The other timeslots will be filled by talent brought in from other markets.

Love it or hate it, that’s how they want to play things. I’m going to miss The Mighty G, Daria (who said those nice things about me a while back) and Jayn (who’s just one of the coolest people you could ever be lucky enough to meet).

I admit I’m sort of apprehensive about the sort of people they’ll be replaced with. Now would be a good time for positive thinking… if I didn’t know the business too well to be anything but darkly cynical.

So. I wonder if one of the new guys is going to decide he needs a chat room. *smirk*


  1. GreyDuck

    Yes, yes they do look at ratings. Hence the firings. Marconi has been, ratings-wise, carrying the radio station on his back. So unfortunately that argument won’t hold water…

  2. LadyFwap

    Lilith hit the nail on the head….I’m with her. This SO SUCKS!!

  3. Peachy

    Holy fucking shit. This is so fucked up! Marconi isn’t talent, he’s a fat bastard that can burp and fart and talk about chicks. I hope that G, D, and J can all find much better gigs somewhere else, prefferably in my radio-nec-of-the-woods. Grey, give my condolences and love to those three. (And by the way, is anything happening to Ty? He’s always so sexy.)

  4. Zanny W.

    Check out my journal, I have rants about Gustav and Daria’s getting fired.

    BOYCOTT KNRK. I’m going to. G&D and Jayn were the primary reasons I listened to NRK at all. Daria and I had also gotten to be friends via email. And to usurp her and Gustav with Marconi??? Come ON!!! Seriously, I think they’ve made a HUGE mistake. Email me at mysticalchicken@jgarofalo.zzn.com and we can rant about how much this sucks.

  5. "Curious Jo"

    Some great comments ~ I couldn’t have said it better!! I too thought it had to be a promo just to get our attention & make sure we were all listening. I can’t count how many businesses I’ve patronized because of the Local Entertainment Guide. And to throw that out for a couple of guys whose only talents are belching and farting, well.. while that MIGHT appeal to second-grade boys, just isn’t going to fly anywhere else. Thanks for saying it so well!! I’ll boycott, too, and spread the word. (Though from what I’ve heard of Marconi, I won’t need to do too much ~ he’s his own worst enemy)

  6. Grandpa

    I couldn’t agree more. G & D were the best thing on NRK with Marconi being the worst. Yay, strippers and farting in the morning. Sheesh… No more NRK for me!

  7. Briker

    So pissed. I’ve lived around the country and Gustav and Daria were in a league of their own. Local Entertainment Guide, the interviews (Bruce Campbell was one of the last with Bubba-HoTep promo – they ripped it up, I was rolling, which was interesting because I was also driving…), Mark Trail, and all of the rest of it. I’ve been scouring the web trying to figure out what the heck happened, and found this little site. Simply put, not listening to NRK for a long, long time. Looks like it’s 105.9 for me.. (KUFO has more of the childish antics of marconi – expect goes by the name of Dogface or something) /endofrant/

  8. Steve

    I have just spoken to Daria. She will be back on The Buzz weekdays, 105.1 starting Monday, 6-10 AM!!!!!!!!

  9. Kylanath

    Gee, thanks. Just send ’em *my* way. Luckily they’ll be over at The Other Building and out of my hair.

  10. Lilith

    Daria and Jayn were the ONLY reasons I still listened to NRK. I cannot possibly describe the vehemence with which I detest & abhor Marconi & his entire sick, debased crudity, which seems to have only become worse and worse. Due to the incredible stupidity of the management’s decision, I will only be listening to their competition’s stations from now on.

  11. Russ

    Absolutely. I only listen to KNRK in the mornings; it’s because of Daria. She’s the most literate of the deejay’s and I’m sure going to miss her. And Gustav, too, with his snazzy geeky references to DnD and his pecularities.

  12. Sean

    Without a doubt, Daria, Gustav, Jayn (and back in the day) Buzz were the reasons I loved NRK. What will I do without my “Local Entertainment Guide”?

  13. The Cyberwolfe

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in and out of my car all day long, and the morning show was the only thing I could listen to. Stern, Marconi and their ilk nauseate me to no end. I’m so sick of being in a demographic no one will cater to.

  14. merripan

    Who’s lame-brained idea was this? Don’t they look at ratings? Lord… That just sucks… I guess I’m going to be changing my radio station setting at home, now… Grrr.

  15. Ashalen

    BAH! Ok who do we write the email too? When I heard Dan this morning talking about it I almost cried myself! I WANT MY GUSTAV AND DARIA! Who in the world would want to hear about strippers and vibrators at 6am? If they don’t take Gustav and Jayn back, and if they don’t keep Daria, the three of them should start their own station. I’d defiantly be turning my dial to wherever they are. Hell I’d give them whatever money I can just to do it. Just for spite! I see a boycott coming on!

  16. Lilith

    I wrote what I considered a cordial, well-spoken complaint email to the station general manager telling them I’m going to be listening to their competitor’s stations due to their recent decisions, and got a 2-sentence “thanks for writing, sorry you’re disappointed” reply. Obviously they care about NOTHING but ratings.

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