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Yay Food

I didn’t expect this to take nearly an entire week, but here we are. Please enjoy the short video, “Yay Food“.

It started with a pun, of course. Then I had to jot down enough lyrics to be worth the effort. Then I had to source a MIDI. Then I had to turn that into a WAV file. Then I had to go into Blender and add more ducks to a copy of the old donut tutorial workspace. Then I had to learn to do HDR lighting. Then I had to sort out the animation. Then I had to do the render… which took basically five days. Then I had to put it all together in Adobe Premiere Elements, which took several hours. Then I had to upload, etc, etc.

All that for a two minute joke video. Note to self: Stick to still images from now on, eh?


  1. Wonderduck

    How the HELL did I miss this?

    The animation is cool, the lyrics are hilarious… nice work all around!

    • Karel Kerezman

      Thank you, thank you. Being the guy what made the thing, I know where all the mistakes are… but I’m not going to point out or dwell on them. Onward to the next thing!

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