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Would Ya Lookit That

In preparation for a particular event coming next month, a bit of shopping was in order. My old camera, the one which served the Quacked Panes effort so well, has gotten too cantankerous and difficult to deal with. (Mapping & blacking out the increasing number of “hot pixels” is a serious chore.) So… we went out and picked up a modest but nifty little point-and-shoot camera. It isn’t as professional and fancy as the old Pentax but it does a decent job. I mean, look at this:

Handheld, no digital zoom, taken while standing just outside the office building.

I’ve never taken that good a shot of the Moon before today. And I haven’t even dialed in the feature settings, that’s just on full “auto.” Hey, how about a nice early morning shot of some public transit hardware?

Yep, I was just another camera geek standing on a MAX platform.

Yeah. This’ll do nicely.


  1. Wonderduck

    I was once told over at Reddit’s Anime Figures forum that a good picture has nothing to do with the camera you’re using.

    To which I responded with derisive snorts of laughter.

    That train shot there? Pretty damn sweet… /r/trainporn would love it.

  2. Wonderduck

    Hm… for some reason, a comment I left here a few days ago has disappeared.

    In that e-mail, I expressed a high level of approval for the train photo and that the folks over at Reddit’s “trainporn” subreddit would go all a-flutter over it.

    Then I told an anecdote about camera quality. It was funny.

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