This site started nearly 15 years ago on the Monaural Jerk (“Journal maker” anagrammed) platform and was migrated to WordPress some time later. I ran the first rendition of what was then just called Gallery, then the Gallery 2, and didn’t quite make it to Gallery 3 before they pulled the plug on the entire project so in came Piwigo. Also, over 15 years I have linked to a great many odd sites.

The term you’re now looking for is “link rot.” As part of the revitalization project I installed a link checker plugin and boy oh boy did it find some broken links. And by “some” I mean “over 700.” I have spent the last couple days’ worth of free time wrangling that quantity down to “merely 521.” At this point I’m probably going to focus on the couple hundred gallery-related fixes and write off all of the old links to sites that probably don’t exist anymore. If the link is 404‘d after all these years, there’s not much value in chasing down whether or not it’s supposed to go anywhere valid today, right? Right.

Don’t worry: I’ll tell you about the Thing I’m Doing, soon. All in due time.