Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

It’s a Very Monday Monday

This week is getting an early start on kicking my ass:

  • Sunday Night Insomnia with a vengeance.
  • Remembered to do dishes and take out garbage this morning, forgot to grab lunch.
  • MAX train broke down one stop away from where I needed to go. (The operator had to be talked through cycling the breakers. That’s right: They rebooted the light-trail train.)
  • BurgerVille’s closed today, so no high-octane breakfast to boost my energy levels.
  • Half the office is on vacation or out sick.
  • The link between two of our key work systems is broken for no reason I can determine.

Is it too late to throw my hands up and head back to bed? (Yes. Yes, it is.)


  1. Did you, your coworkers, and the nearby countryside survive?

    • We got through it, and I even had something of a significant victory. But man, did Monday ever do its best to get on my bad side…

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