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Nine years and (hopefully) counting

This week I celebrate the completion of nine solid years at this job.

Of course, being who I am, I immediately realize that nine years is how long I had the last job, which means I start worrying that I’m going to do something stupid and get fired here, too. Not that I’ve done much stupid on the job lately, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it. (Is there anything which can stop me from worrying. Doubtful!)

I took this job because I needed a-job-any-job-yes-please-now-now-now. At first it was a stopgap, something to pay the bills while I found my way to a “real” job. Now I have certain responsibilities, I’ve finally seen a couple of raises, and things seem to be going well. Given the ridiculous debt load I’m carrying right now, at this point the best things that can happen are that I stay with this company and that the company remains robust and profitable, for at least the next… eight years or so.

Could be worse. As of a couple months ago I’m living close enough to the office to keep the commute down under an hour each way, and circumstances have aligned such that I can generally afford to pay bills and eat and so on. I’ll take it.


  1. An hour.

    Back when I ran a Waldenb**ks, it was on the other side of town from Pond Central. It was about a 25 minute drive.

    The Duck U Bookstore was a 15 minute commute. I hated it; it was too much time spent on busy streets with horrible drivers around me.

    My current drive to work is on fringe two-lane roads. When I head out in the morning, there’s usually nobody else sharing them with me. It takes me eight minutes to get from Pond Central’s parking lot to my desk at work… ten if my knees are acting up.

    I keep forgetting not every city is the size of Duckford.

    • Oh, and happy Nine Years! That’s a long time, both “these days” and in general!

    • Used to be 90 minutes each way, if I was on public transit. Half an hour to work if I carpooled with the then-roomie. An hour home if carpooling, mind you. (Dunno why eastbound Sunset Highway sucks at almost all hours, but that’s how it is, at least for the last half-dozen years or so.)

      As pretty as this town is, it’s geographically unsuited to having this many thousands of people crammed into it. There are only so many bridges you can span the river with, only so many ways to wind highways through the West Hills, etc.

      And: Thanks! 🙂

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