Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Well, now what?

Let’s call it seven hours.

That’s how much time I’ve spent in the last few weeks sitting at the computer, hands on the keyboard, trying to get words out of my head and into an outline, into a story. And nothing’s coming out. Nothing. Not a damned thing.

Yesterday morning was a perfect opportunity: Quiet, alone, no chores, no work, just me and the word processor. I wasn’t even playing music. Nothing. Not a damned thing. From 9:30 to 12:00 I did nothing. And that was just yesterday.

I can’t do it. All of this glorious “I’m going to write something!” and, no, apparently I am most assuredly not.

So… now what? The comic’s over. I can’t write. I’m not actually a good photographer. I’m terrible at working with tools so building & crafting are right out.

I guess I’m just a worker drone and passive consumer from here on out.



  1. Sooner

    I think you’re a really good photographer. I love the pictures you’ve posted. I thought your comic was cute and original – I’m just not much into puns, so you can see how it wasn’t for me.

    As to the writing – this is coming from someone who’s written extensively for fun and is currently involved with attempting to be more serious about it – I find I can’t write at all if I don’t have a direction. That is the one single thing I have to have if I’m going to type a single word. As I’ve already got a story in progress, that usually involves “How am I going to get Character A over to location Y in time to stop Character B from committing plot point 4. Sometimes the words just pour out, sometimes I feel like I’m dragging stubborn kittens out of a carpeted room.

    Everyone’s creative process is different, but I think if you pick for yourself a goal point, then start getting everyone there, the words will come. You are clever and witty and I think if you can get that onto paper (or virtual paper, I suppose), you’ll do well.

    • GreyDuck

      I had a very specific direction, even to the point of a 26-step outline. There was a plan, which is shocking in and of itself.

      Too bad I couldn’t execute worth a damn, though.

  2. Wonderduck

    I guess I’m just a worker drone and passive consumer from here on out.

    Right. I don’t BELIEVE you, not-Brother. Fine, so you couldn’t write that day. That therefore means you can’t ever write? The kids have a saying for that: whatever.

    Well, gee, you could always go back to making hilarious photocomics about rubber ducks.

  3. Cheryl

    Maybe you just need to give yourself some more downtime before you dive into the new project. If you’ve made an outline, you obviously have a strong interest in doing it. Take a break and come back to it July 4… or sooner, if the muse visits.

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