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A Question About The (Hypothetical) Next Project

Between the “radio play project” and the “serialized story posted online project” I’m leaning toward the latter for now, with the former project as something I’ll tackle once I feel certain I can tell a proper story during a set amount of installments. Or, put another way, I’m making sure I can walk before I attempt to run.

With that stated for the record now, I am curious enough to ask: Would twenty-six weekly installments make for a satisfying story experience, or should I try for something shorter (thirteen installments), or would the same number of installments in a shorter time period be better (twice a week for thirteen weeks, for instance)? And, yes, I’m basing these numbers on the length of typical anime series runs. The other model I could’ve based this on is the BBC’s propensity for six-episode series runs which seems a bit tight for a writing project. (It’s just about perfect for a radio play project, though, AHEM.)

What do you think, ladies and gentlemen?


  1. cheryl

    Regardless of the number of installments, I like the idea of the shorter time period. I think twice weekly is more satisfying than once weekly, and 26 weeks seems like a long time to get the full story. (I’m impatient, I know. Sorry.) Although I guess it really depends on how long the installments are… I was thinking in terms of something pretty short, where each installment could be read/viewed/heard in five minutes or less. If so, then I’ll stick with my original preference of twice weekly. But if we’re talking about something that takes longer to consume, once a week would be plenty.

    Still don’t want to wait 26 weeks for the full tale, though. 😉

  2. Wonderduck

    I can’t remember the last time I watched a 26-episode anime that I completed… but the 13-eps one go down like PB&J on rye.

    That’s good, by the way.

    So I’d go with the shorter stretch of time.

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