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One Saw Weak

And this makes once a week every week in January of Twenty-thirteen that I’ve managed to crank out a post of some sort.

I’ve set myself a few small goals and limitations for the time being. One, I need to get something posted here once per week, more if I can manage it, but no less barring catastrophe. Two, I’m allowed only one breakfast and one lunch “out” on working days per week to cut back on the huge monetary outlay that I’m sure the fast food places near my work are now sorry to be deprived of. And three, I only need to produce four more months’ worth of the webcomic before completing its official run at the end of May. (I might later do some one-off comics, events, that sort of thing… but twice-per-week-like-clockwork will be over.)

Mind you, I don’t know what I’ll do for a creative outlet afterward. I’ll need to do something or I’ll go nuts.

Okay, nuts-er.

One idea I’m tossing around is that of a radio-play type thing, get a few people together to record dialog, insert some sound effects, something along those lines. If I do this, I’ll start small with a one-off half-hour episode and get a feel for whether I can make a story work and whether I can handle the workload involved.

Anything’s possible, yes?

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  1. If you need a spare voice that has both radio and theatre background, let me know…

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