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One Flu Over

At least, I sure hope it’s over.

A nasty bug’s been going around the office, and I worked hard at avoiding it for as long as I could. I don’t know if I ended up with that one or something else entirely, but early Monday morning I started feeling moderately awful, escalated to fully awful by mid-afternoon. I had my wool coat on in the office, I was so cold. Yesterday morning the alarm went off and between the splitting headache and intense fever with chest congestion for extra fun, I decided to bail on work and go back to bed.

I slept until eleven, when sunlight stabbed me right through the eyelids and insisted I get the hell outta bed.

All that extra sleep screwed up my sleep schedule, though, since I just spent most of last night… awake. Wide awake. But the fever’s gone down and my head doesn’t hurt nearly as much, so back to the salt mines I go. Stuff’s gotta get done, I’ve gotta earn my keep.


  1. Da Wolfie

    …and then I talked him into staying home like a sane person.

  2. pero

    Aw, Duck, I’m sorry to hear that you had that. I am currently battling a sinus infection, which resulted as a secondary infection from some such cold-bug I picked up at the university library computer lab. I knew the risk was there, but did not have my laptop with me that particular day.

    Either way, it’s been about a week, and I hope you’ve recovered.

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