Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

I’ve seen better days.

I spent all day Sunday in what felt like a sleep-deprived fog, even though I slept reasonably well Saturday night. I figured something must have gone awry during the night. This morning, as I tried to prepare for my work day, I found out what. And promptly notified my boss that I’d be staying home for the day on account of not being able to keep my insides inside.

I then curled right back up in bed and slept for another five hours, racking up nearly twelve hours of sleep. Now, I don’t sleep during daylight or with loud noises outside very well, so that tells me something about the state of my body right there. Also? I didn’t even feel properly hungry until almost 3pm.

About which, by the way: Eating some cheese & crackers didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped. More’s the pity.

Later I’ll be trying some ramen noodles and passing the time watching bad movies or something along those lines. I can’t concentrate well enough to read a good book (again, more’s the pity) nor handle three-dee activities like (for instance) most video games. I don’t get bored, but I am annoyed that my go-to “leisure” activities are denied me today. I’ll manage, though. I always do. (Hello, MediaMonkey and my 60-gigabyte music library!)

At least the rain has scoured much of the pollen & other allergens from the Portland air. For this, I am grateful.


  1. Geez, my music library’s only about a quarter of the size of yours… And part of mine is lifted from yours anyway!

    At any rate, get well soon. I feel for you, having gone through a somewhat similar experience recently (at the worst possible time, even – right before finals!).

    • Music has always been my best way to retreat from the world and regain some mental balance, so I seek out a lot of it. 🙂

      I’m somewhat better this morning, enough so that I’m going to head to the office, anyway. We’ll see…

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