Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Gone Completely (Map)Loco

Well, everyone else is jumping off the cliff doing one of these so I might as well join in. Mind you I will probably just leave the silly thing in this entry so eventually it’ll scroll right off the main page…

Visitor Map
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I have some non-meme content in the works, but I’m not promising a delivery time. Thank you for your patience while I get my life back in order.


  1. Lil

    MapLoco? Dang, I was hoping for a GlobeLoco. (Sorry, that’s as witty as I get today.)

  2. alicefayelove

    can a history be created to go back and save old visits and view??

  3. GreyDuck

    Not so far as I know, but I haven’t been curious enough to look into it either…

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