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Meme Snark – Anime Edition

I don’t have anything to say, today, I just wanted to get this Space Battleship Yamato 2199 bit of silliness posted somewhere for safe keeping.

I liked the show well enough, but it wasn’t a nostalgia hit for me because I wasn’t a Star Blazers kid. I was a Robotech kid. Look, either you were one or the other, that’s just how it went.

Thank you, and please don’t forget to leave a plate of knives out (as it were) for Brutus and his boys to use tomorrow.

Good Logging

Fediverse user “c0debabe” posted thus, this afternoon:

Bad logging is worse than no logging because then there is false hope that the info you want might actually be there.


And that inspired me.

It’s unusual for me to use an existing, well-known template. Enjoy this rarity.

Look, I am a delight, okay? Also, I might as well get something useful out of that year I spent living deep in “spotted owl makes good eating” country as a teenager.

It’s been a long month. Here, have some memes.

The move into the new apartment is (largely) over with (for me, not yet for Kyla) but I’m too worn out to go into great detail about much of anything. So, instead, please enjoy a couple of recent meme-type imagery I cranked out over the last month or so.

Wasn’t that fun? Thank you, and do come again.

If Skulls Were All

So, it started with a tweet from Jeph Jacques, webcomic demigod.

JephJacquesLoveSkullsAnd I thought to myself, “Self? How many song titles could we mangle like this?” I opened up MediaMonkey and, after some arguing with its search settings so that only titles appeared in the rankings, I found myself looking at a list of 182 songs which include “love” in the title. Now, that’s not precisely what Mr. Jacques instructed; he’s talking about lyrics. I don’t have a lyrics library to search, however, so we’ll have to make do with song titles. And because it’s been that kind of week and I need something to amuse myself during lunch, here’s a list of the highlights out of that search result, skulls-ified for your pleasure.

Note that I’m leaving out duplicates, remixes, and entries where the word replacement just doesn’t scan very well at all. (Which is to say: It didn’t make me laugh, so I chucked it.)

  • All My Skulls – Led Zeppelin
  • Almost Like Skulls – Yes
  • Baby Really Skulls Me – Dada
  • Big Skulls – Robert Plant
  • Break For Skulls – Pet Shop Boys
  • Can’t Refuse Your Skulls – The Sighs
  • Can’t Stop Skulls – Two-Mix
  • Chains Of Skulls – Erasure
  • Church of Logic, Sin and Skulls – The Men
  • City of Skulls – Yes
  • Crazy Skulls Vol II – Paul Simon
  • Digital Skulls – Daft Punk
  • Do You Skulls? – Natalie Imbruglia
  • Don’t Take Your Skulls Away – VAST
  • First Skulls – Cellarful of Noise
  • From Rusholme With Skulls – Mint Royale
  • Get Down, Make Skulls – NIN (Queen cover)
  • Higher Skulls – Depeche Mode
  • I Am In Skulls With You – Imogen Heap
  • I Don’t Believe In Skulls – Queensrÿche
  • I Don’t Want Your Skulls – Duran Duran
  • Interstate Skulls Song – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Skulls Can Kill You – BT
  • Skulls Comes Again – Tiësto
  • Skulls etc – Pet Shop Boys
  • Skulls Is A Battlefield – Pat Benetar
  • Skulls Is Stronger Than Justice – Sting
  • Skulls On Haight Street – BT
  • Skulls Rescue Me – U2
  • Skulls Siren – The Men
  • Skulls Slave – UNDER17
  • Skulls To Blame – Apoptygma Berserk
  • Skulls Voodoo – Duran Duran
  • Skulls Will Find A Way – Yes
  • Skullstown – Peter Gabriel (yes, this one was a reach, I don’t care)
  • Luminous Times (Hold On To Skulls) – U2
  • Make Skulls – Daft Punk
  • Nothing But Skulls – Seabound (also the name of a Jan Hammer track from Beyond The Mind’s Eye)
  • One Year Of Skulls – Queen
  • Only Skulls – Way Out West
  • Outbreak of Skulls – Midnight Oil
  • Power Of Skulls (The Tao Of Skulls) – Rick Springfield
  • Prayer For Skulls – Dolce Triade
  • Pride (In The Name Of Skulls) – U2
  • Prisoner Of Skulls – Tin Machine
  • Real Skulls – Yes
  • Rhythm Of Skulls – Yes
  • Send A Little Skulls – Dream
  • Shine Your Skulls – The Breeze
  • Sign Of Skulls – Immi
  • SOS (Anything But Skulls) – Apocalyptica
  • Soul Skulls – David Bowie
  • Spacy Spicy Skulls – Mejale Pirates (Voice artists from the Vandread anime)
  • Stadium Skulls – Metric
  • Tainted Skulls – Nikolaj Steen (that’s the cover version I have in the library, anyway)
  • The Dumbing Down Of Skulls – Frou Frou
  • The Game Of Skulls – Daft Punk
  • The Skulls Thieves – Depeche Mode
  • The Meaning Of Skulls – Depeche Mode
  • The Night I Fell In Skulls – Pet Shop Boys
  • The Speed Of Skulls – Rush
  • This Is Skulls – Tony Banks (the judges would also have accepted the different song of the same name by The Space Brothers)
  • This Is Not Skulls – Jethro Tull
  • This Must Be Skulls – Phil Collins (thus completing the trilogy…?)
  • True Skulls – Wang Chung
  • When It’s Skulls – Van Halen
  • When Skulls Comes To Town – U2
  • When You Give Your Skulls To Me – Kevin Gilbert
  • Whole Lotta Skulls – Led Zeppelin
  • Wreckless Skulls – Robert Plant
  • You Can’t Hurry Skulls – Phil Collins

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast day.

Music Meme: 5 Songs

I picked this up from this guy, who acquired it from that guy… and so on. And I (block)quote:

1. If you’d like to play along, reply to this post and I’ll assign you a letter.
2. You then list (and upload or link to the video, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Then, as I’m doing here, you’ll post the list to your journal with the instructions.

I was given… “H”. And since I can do this, I’m embedding tracks in WordPress. Hah!

  • Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea (Genesis) – I love this piece. I just plain love it. Especially the various live renditions with the dual drummers. This sort of thing is what I love about Genesis.
  • Hallo Spaceboy (David Bowie w/ Pet Shop Boys) – Two great tastes that go great together.
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk) – Let’s be honest: They’re probably never going to top this.
  • Hyperactive (Thomas Dolby) – This is one of those love-it-or-hate-it songs from Mr. Dolby, and I happen to love it. I can see why some people don’t enjoy it as much, though.
  • Heat (Jethro Tull) – Speaking of love-or-hate, this is from the Tull album which is the most “electronic” they ever released, and it drove the die-hard fans batty. One of the things I like about it is that nearly the entire album could be used as the soundtrack to a cheesy 80’s spy caper flick… especially this track.

And there you go. Anybody want a letter of their own to run with?

Life Soundtrack Meme

I bumped into this one during some random websurfing today and realized that even though it’s been around for years I never got around to actually posting it. Odd, considering it’s a silly random music meme. I’m all about that, right?

Anyway. Without further ado, blah blah blah:

So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing (feel free to annotate, since snarky commentary is half the fun)
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend that you’re cool…

(I’m fudging on Rule #6 in my usual way: If it’s a foreign-language track or an instrumental, I will use my discretion. If you don’t like it, too bad. My journal, my meme post.)

Opening credits: “Beastie,” Jethro Tull – Ominous. And yet, the opening lines do describe the arc of one’s life, after a fashion… “From early days of infancy, through trembling years of youth, long murky middle-age and final hours long in the tooth…”

Waking up: “Hallo Spaceboy,” Pet Shop Boys w/ David Bowie – “Do you like girls or boys” is not what I’m thinking first thing in the morning, for the record.

First day of school: “Amlapura,” Tin Machine – Er. Never mind the back-to-back Bowie, this just makes no sense whatsoever here. “Never saw in all my life a more shining jewel,” indeed.

Falling in love: “Back to Back,” Tony Banks – This song has precisely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Love scene: “Hollowman,” Econoline Crush – If I’m making love while angsty, shouty alterna-rock plays on a nearby sound system, somebody please slap me.

Breaking up: “Airhead,” Thomas Dolby – “You ask me, do I love you, does the Pope live in the woods? Quad Erat Demonstrandum, baby (‘Ooo, you speak French!’)” Apparently in this movie version of my life I broke up with someone for being a ditz? Huh.

Life is good: “Easy Lover,” Philip Bailey w/ Phil Collins – I… don’t know what to say to this except to question on which level of life things are good. Below the waistline, sunshine? (Name that tune. Hah!)

Mental Breakdown: “Anything,” The Damned – We finally have something that fits the slot to a T. “Anything, anything, anything… is better than THIS!”

Driving: “Be With Me,” VAST – Wouldn’t this have made more sense earlier on? Could we swap this with the Econoline Crush track? Please?

Flashback: “Lean To The Inside,” Electronic – A vocals-free track that… actually kind of works. I think. In my warped little brain, anyway. The Tony Banks track earlier in the list would be better, though.

Getting back together: “Here,” VAST – “Hold me now, you know I am so afraid to love… at all.” Okay, though that’s not really what the song is about as far as I can tell…

Wedding: “Army of Me,” Bjork – Well, that’s a bit surreal.

Birth of Child: “Dreaming,” BT – “Walk with me, the future’s at hand, here with us, here where we stand.” Again, not a perfect fit but not completely amiss either… huh.

Final Battle: “Lament,” KOTOKO – I can think of worse tracks for this slot. (I tend to put the darker, techno-industrial KOTOKO tracks on my music player rather than the bouncey pop fluff.) I approve, though one of the Econoline Crush tracks could be swapped into this slot and work out better than where they ended up…

Death Scene: “General Crossing,” Jethro Tull – Well, it is all about going over to the other side. In the Cold War, though. Whoops.

Funeral song: “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da,” The Police – No, I don’t think so. Couldn’t we have had Clint Mansell’s “Death Is The Road To Awe” in this slot instead? Bah.

End Credits: “Burnt,” Econoline Crush – It’s… a song, I guess. Once again, Econoline Crush jumps into a slot that it doesn’t quite fit, though. Maybe bring KOTOKO’s “Lament” down here? Hmm.

And there you have it, such as it is. I hope you were as amused by reading as I was by annotating!

The purists (if such a word applies here, especially considering how many variants I ran into while coming up with this rendition) who’ve done this one before will note that I’ve left out the “Prom” selection. I doubt that anyone I know will complain.

Also, these results come from the subset of my library which lives on the portable player. I figured it’d help confine the track selection to things some people might have actually heard of. Stranger things have happened, right…?

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