Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Vacation Time Is Over

I didn’t set out to spend a week avoiding my writing duties. Truly I didn’t. Time and events just ran away with me, and I wasn’t really in a headspace conducive to cranking out the kind of clever, witty, entertaining verbage that you’ve all come to expect from your favorite hue-impaired waterfowl.

Of course, this means I have a lot of tidbits to share with you. Take the following, for instance. (Please.)

Conversation with treeloverkath at 2006-02-02 09:58:10 on thelittlegreyduck (yahoo)
(09:58:10) treeloverkath: Hey there, I was just on yahoo , i noticed your profile, anyways, you seem interesting. πŸ˜›
(09:58:21) thelittlegreyduck: I have a profile on Yahoo?
(09:58:26) treeloverkath: here use this link:www.pure-match.comvu/members/missy_kitty/
(09:58:34) treeloverkath: oopps, I meant to write “.com”, hehe.. search for “missy_kitty”. anyways, my friend is here, i gotta run, tty soon.
(09:58:38) thelittlegreyduck: *snort*
(09:58:52) treeloverkath: do you wanna check out my profile and pictures..?
(09:59:19) thelittlegreyduck: No, I want not to be spammed randomly.

Social engineering spam at its finest. And by “finest” I mean “most annoying and yet rather sneaky.” Note the supposed typo, a trick I suspect is meant to get around certain IM spam blocking plugins by deliberately not matching the website address. Then, of course, I’m supposed to manually type in the “correct” address.

As the kids like to say, “Puh-leeeze.”

Life in meatspace comes with its own sources of amusement, such as the following tidbit of vitally useful information I heard on the bus the other day:

Everything you could want to know on the Internet is on the Internet.

You don’t say!

I’ll leave you (for now) with a random thought that popped into my head the last time I was traveling northward: When you’re on the train, you only see the railroad crossings with their barriers lowered, but this is not their normal state. In what way is the journey you’re on affecting your perspective?

(Yeah. Pretty damned deep for a Friday afternoon. I amaze me, sometimes.)


  1. Kylanath

    Yeah, what’s up with all of the introspective lately? Not that all of it’s a bad thing, but yeah.

  2. merripan

    *snort* Social Engineering… Gotta love it… They’ve been calling into my work lately, trying anything and everything to get people’s information so they can either sell it or spam it or somehow call our customer to telemarket them one way or another… What a bunch of losers… Gah… there’s a special circle of hell reserved for them… Along with pedophiles and those people who drown kittens in the sewers.

  3. Oliver Allan Lee

    Amazing how spammers innovate ways so they can do their ‘thang’. I just got the same spam a few minutes ago and started searching if there were others victimized by this stupid spammer. I just hope others are not stupid enough to fall for these kinds of tricks. πŸ™‚



  4. Art Bristow

    Googled missy_kitty message and got your blog, which confirmed the spam it truly was. Thanks. For what it’s worth, I have advised Yahoo.

  5. Toddy

    Thanks for the information on Missy_Kitty. It is the first time that someone has tried to spam me through Yahoo but, I get it all the time on ICQ.

    Take care all


  6. Greg

    Did this as well:
    “Googled missy_kitty message and got your blog, which confirmed the spam it truly was. Thanks. For what it’s worth, I have advised Yahoo.”
    Got message from yahoo profile “sk8_or_fresh”

  7. Dempsey

    I got this message a few minutes ago on y! Messenger, and I searched google for missy_kitty, and got your blog… thanks for this…
    the funniest thing is, that the message is the same, only not .comvu
    but .comxj

  8. domomite


    Didn’t get into the same level of dialogue as you other folks with treeloverkath thanks to your blog.

    Many thanks!

  9. domomite

    P.S. Nice handle.

  10. tongHoAnh

    “the funniest thing is, that the message is the same, only not .comvu but .comxj”

    .comou in my case (missy_kitty). I know that there’s no way you can get that mistype but still googled to here πŸ™‚

  11. GreyDuck

    So the script randomly changes the letters after “.com” to throw off… potential spam catching scripts? I don’t know who uses those in their IM, but hey.

    (This entry is in the running for Most Comments Ever, by the by. Fun!)

  12. Pokey

    Just got the same IM from salliohio at yahoo. After about 2hrs of letting it sit there, I said “why” and the script came back instantly with the same verbige. Reporting that one to Yahoo as well.

  13. Spider

    LOL I just did a google search on this user and found this site. Thanks for the info. I messaged “here” back with a link to your post. πŸ˜›

  14. pashots

    Hahaha, me too. recieved a msg from salliohio, saying that she liked what she saw from my profile, and she asked me if I wanted to see her proile too. Yes, complete with the wrong spelling chuchu… hahaha… Well, guys, i’m just wondering, she actually replied to my Inst.Msg from yahoo…
    Thanks! any feedback?

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