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Summer Project 2008: Mic Test & Preview

I don’t know if I’m ever going to get used to the way I sound when recorded.


The original plan was to use parts of three different tracks for the music bed so that this would be a proper preview of the Summer Project. Alas, I couldn’t bear to cut away from Yuki Kajiura’s “Melody (Salva Nos version)” and so you get the whole thing. Shucky darn, eh?

Mind you, I also didn’t realize until I’d performed the final mixdown that I completely failed to refer to the music in any way… which is sort of the point of the project in the first place! It just figures.

Enough of playing coy, here’s the deal: I want to highlight fourteen musical artists every Friday from the start of summer until the beginning of autumn. Part of the plan is to record introductory and interstitial material for three songs per week, but I could scrap the voice thing and rely on the written word instead. Hence this test.

So, give it to me straight. Should I do it? Could you stand to listen to my voice once per week for fourteen weeks?


  1. Da Wolfie

    You’ve spent enough time with Brooks over the years that the voice-over works, and while you may hate it, your voice is suitable for ad work.

  2. heater

    IMHO, you have a very DREAMY voice. So BLEH on you! 😛

  3. Brent

    I think I’m jealous of how your recorded voice sounds. =P

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