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Past, Present, Future – Round Fifty-two

It started as sort of a lark, and a reaction to a bad run of Friday Fives. The high concept wasn’t so much about asking questions as it was about giving people three related starting points for writing whatever they felt like writing in response to what I provided. In the beginning I really tried to set up some good thought-experiment material. Also, in the beginning, I was answering my own meme.

And then I started running a bit dry. The questions… well, they became questions instead of seed ideas for good writing. They got simpler, if not downright silly. (Okay, for the record I’m really proud of the silly week. It’s those other pathetic entries I’m not so happy about.)

So here we are. We’re at the end. I won’t say I’m sorry to see it go, but I’m sorry I ran out of steam so quickly. I’ll end it on a note of simplicity.

PAST: Where have you been?

PRESENT: Where are you now?

FUTURE: Where are you going?

Next week, I’ll put up the final product: A page indexing all 52 of these little thought experiments. Be well, good people, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my modest contribution to memespace.
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  1. Melpster

    Thanx for all the Friday fun! It became my little ritual every morning before I went to work. I enjoyed it!

  2. Vicki

    Mne is here. At first I thought “there, here, where” but then I managed 900 words 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying this meme. Perhaps you’ll get some new thoughts and decide to take it up again some day.

  3. merripan

    PAST: Where have you been?

    Europe, and all throughout the US and Canada, though I have yet to go to Hawaii or the Southeastern and Southwestern states…

    PRESENT: Where are you now?

    In my own private Idaho… No – really, I’m just up the street from you, in Portland, OR… Thought I’ve been wondering why the house seems to sometimes look like a handbasket…

    FUTURE: Where are you going?

    I have no clue. Hopefully someplace interesting, with lots of friends and friends-to-be. On a bright note, I _am_ going to be starting school in the fall, so perhaps I will be able to answer that question again, only better, later.

  4. korashime

    All done. *sigh*

  5. Kylanath

    Yeah. That /silly/ entry was sillier than silly. But yeah, done and away =)

  6. Melissa

    Mine are posted and thanks for the great meme! I’ll miss it lots! ^-^

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