Today I went to the doctor’s office for my first general check-up of the new year. My weight is down a bit (under 170 lbs for the first time in… a while), my blood pressure’s fine (I don’t remember the numbers nor do you need them), the sound of my breathing and heartbeat were nominal, etc. The doc and I talked about my medications as well as revisiting the physical therapy regimen for the range-of-motion issues in my shoulders, and I answered a battery of mental-health questions (how do you think I’m doing in this ongoing pandemic late-stage-capitalism hellscape?) so that’s done for a while. I’m current on my shots, my blood work looks good, in a few months we’ll check again (there will always be more blood work to be done), and all I need to do is keep on keeping on.

As the Internet meme goes, I got a passing grade in being medically examined, which is totally a thing one can achieve and is normal to want.

I even found that I can have the dosage of one of my meds halved officially, so I can just get the smaller-dose pills instead of having to use the pill cutter every other night. Sweet deal!

So, you know. Provided there are no catastrophic events, wild accidents, or pandemic-related shenanigans… I should remain above ground a while longer yet. I hope.