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Wither, RSS

When Google Reader was killed off by its makers, I went to Feedly.

I tired of Feedly’s increasingly frequent attempts to upsell me on their product, so I installed FreshRSS on my server so I’d have my own setup and not be reliant on other people’s stuff quite so much.

Then this morning I went to upgrade FreshRSS and it lost all my data.

I now have no RSS reader, and what’s worse I can’t find an RSS reader setup that I even want to mess with, and what’s worse than that is that I don’t remember what all websites’ feeds I was subscribed to, so that information is gone forever. The other self-hosted options are even worse than FreshRSS, the desktop apps are for-pay and/or ad-supported, and… what am I supposed to even do at this point?

Other than, you know, manually check bookmarks periodically, because that’s sure gonna happen with my ability to remember to do things. And that’s wasted time anyway because the whole point of RSS is being able to ignore websites that haven’t updated lately.

I know that in this modern age of social media and other walled silos, funky old tech like RSS is out of sight and out of mind, but it’s still useful, dammit, and I miss being able to take advantage of it reliably.

Old man yells at cloud. Literally at The Cloud.


  1. Brent

    Sorry to hear about your data loss; that’s always maddening.

    I’ve had good luck with TT-RSS (https://tt-rss.org/) over the years. If you’re OK with running PostgreSQL instead of MySQL, and can avoid the ire of its developer if you post on the support forum, you should have a look.

    • Karel Kerezman

      Brent! Hey, good to see ya. And thanks for the tip!

      I did notice TT-RSS yesterday. I’m already heavily MySQL due to, well, this here WordPress thingy (and how long I’ve been running it, yikes where do the years ago) and there are a couple other things about it that I side-eyed while looking into that option (like not being able, out-of-box, to run it at the “root” of a domain) but I might end up there just from lack of options, if I take up this whole project again. It’s not that you can’t run dual SQL servers, it’s just not necessarily a great use of resources.

      Right now I’m so burned and frustrated that it’s not a good headspace, ya know?

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