The good news is that the very (let’s not go into how) expensive new portable AC unit arrived on Monday, with just a couple days to go before the next (current) heatwave arrived. And it does good work! It’s designed for cooling about double the square footage of the old one, so one interesting effect of the upgrade is that sometimes this unit can get ahead of the heat enough to actually go into “fan” mode for a few minutes, periodically.

One amusing feature: It has a little flap on top where the air comes out, and it auto opens/closes when the unit’s powered on/off. There’s even an oscillation mode for that flap, if you want that sort of silliness.

The bad news, of course, is that we’re in another razzafraggin’ heatwave. It almost hit 100F again yesterday and today won’t be much better. Which means I’ve barely slept.