Sure, the one day of the month so far when something interesting actually happened, and it’s the day I forget to log into the site.

Still, a nine day posting streak is pretty good, considering.

Anyway! Yesterday, I met my new primary care physician. (What we’d have called “doctor” a few years ago but apparently times and titles change. Insert George Carlin routine about the softening of language, here.) Since my previous one was leaving the clinic I went to and nobody else at that clinic had availability, I ended up going through Providence’s phone system to line up a new option and schedule the meeting.

It all went well. I was weighed, height measured, and all the usual check-in check-up stuff, then had a brief chat with the new person in charge of making sure I don’t expire like an unpaid magazine subscription (speaking of dated references…), then hiked home afterward. I’m back to having someone on file that I officially can pester about renewing my stay-above-ground pills, and all it takes is a new round of blood testing so the primary care physician can make sure I’m still doing okay overall.

Being medical is still weird, but I’m getting more used to it.