Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Marble Madness

I have the new computer. I installed Blender on it. I started playing around with a silly idea. I… made some progress, sort of.


But clearly I have some things to learn about the physics engine in Blender. Whoops.

(Ignore the lack of lighting; that’s a problem for much later in the project at this point. And yes, I gave my marble a marble texture. Because I’m a dork.)


  1. Wonderduck

    Hey, you out there, brother???

    • Karel Kerezman

      I’m very, very out there, sometimes.

      What’s up?

      • Wonderduck

        Nothing, just… hadn’t see ya ’round in a while is all. I missed you, you big galoot.

        • Karel Kerezman

          It’s been a rough few months for the old brainpan, in truth. Most days it’s just putting one foot in front of the other… to pace to the other end of the apartment, mind you, then back again. But I’m still employed and working-from-home, for now, provided my employer’s client base doesn’t dry up. (Small businesses aren’t faring well, and small businesses are what we primarily support, so.) Lots to be anxious about, lots of energy spent trying not to let that get to me. But… I keep on keeping on.

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