I’m changing it up a bit this year. Mind you, I’m not actually asking people to shop for me for holiday-type presents. There’s nothing I need all that badly, and almost everything on the lists linked below could best be described as “frivolous.” And yet, since people have asked, here we go:

  • Elfster wishlist – This was suggested to me as an alternative to trying to stuff everything into an Amazon wishlist. It’s good for things not actually available on Amazon. Now all I need to do is… come up with things to put on the list. But there it is.
  • Amazon wishlist – This is what most of you are probably going to actually use. There are no bad options on this list, so hey, go wild if that’s your thing.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Again: I’m providing this by way of a reply to various folks who’ve inquired along these lines, but I’m not expecting, insisting, or suggesting that anyone do any holiday shopping in my general direction.

Thank you, and happy holidays to you all.