So. Huh. Been a month or so, hasn’t it?

It’s not like I’ve had much to write home about, as it were. You don’t want to hear about the nasty head cold this past week or so. The details of my love life aren’t generally for public consumption. My kids are off doing their own thing now. Things are crazy at work but I try not to write about work much here because man, I spend all day at work anyway, I sure don’t want to think about work during my downtime.

Creatively, I’m still posting the story installments. Soon I’ll be forced to write the last few installments… which will be tricky given that I’m not 100% certain how I’m going to end the thing. Challenges!

After that I’m going to do something more visual, either getting into time lapse, or stop motion animation, or perhaps just trying my hand at another AMV. Who knows?

I’m not sure what that leaves me to write about. It’s not as if I go on adventures. (Maybe I should fix that…)