Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

To Allow Comments, Or Not To Allow Comments

Out of curiosity I ask you: If I were to start posting installments of the aforementioned story project to an appropriate website, should I or shouldn’t I turn on comments for those installments?

On one manipulatory appendage, comments are a great way to gauge appreciation and interest as well as to directly interact with the readership.

On the opposite appendage, a trailing dangle of comments following one’s story installment may detract from the tone and presentation.

I haven’t decided yet, so now’s the time to chime in. Posting should start… soon.


  1. Cheryl

    I’m leaning towards no. Put a link at the bottom to a general page about the story and allow comments there instead. It’s nice to have someplace for comments and discussion, but I don’t know that you want it on the same page as the story.

    • GreyDuck

      That’s a clever idea, actually, having comments on a dedicated story page… I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

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