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Twelve Years Ago, Number Twelve

The oldest “blog” entry in the system is actually from this site’s predecessor imported into shortly after its inception. As I have no older content saved from the old “Zero” site, that makes 26 June 2001 the earliest date at which I can say I’ve been posting journal entries since.

Mind you, it’s a particularly gloomy entry.

WordPress just celebrated ten years of existence so yes, there was another system before WP came along. (And I didn’t switch to WP right away.) I also used to tinker a whole lot more with the underlying code. Now I’m happy that plugin authors provide what I need so I don’t have to.

At any rate, here’s to twelve years of occasional collections of words into a website posting.


  1. Congratulation on your longevity! You’re one of the few out there who’ve been at it longer than me. You’ve got me by about 2 1/2 months! 😉

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